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Processing Electric Vehicle Heavy Cables

By J . Ruben Lozano , VP of International Sales , Lakes Precision Inc . ___________________________

The EV market is growing exponentially and is expected to grow approximately up to 27.5 % by 2030 . This new industry is slowly being introduced into the existing wire harness global manufacturing realm .

EV vehicle ’ s power train as well as their sophisticated electronics have introduced specialized wire requirements into the traditional wire harness mix alongside other traditionally processed wires and cables .
In this article I ’ m focusing on one kind of these new specialized types of wires , and how they impact traditional manufacturing methods . I call these wires “ heavy layered cables ” ( or HLC for short ). Figure 1 is a depiction of those wires , ( the flattened layer graphic is for further illustration ).
Because of the layered construction of these wires , a multi-function processing approach is needed . Our current manufacturing in-line processes are sufficiently capable to handle traditional fuel-based vehicle single-layered cables . But with the advent these heavy , multilayered cables in many instances , the in-line processing equipment capabilities have been overwhelmed . That ’ s because an inline full process machine for HLCs requires all the necessary processing modules be contained within a common multi-process “ toolbox ” built around the physical perimeter of these wires . That can be an extreme challenge ( Figure 2 ).



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Figure 1 . Heavy Layered Cables
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Figure 2 . Inline Processing of HLC Wires .
Multi-function processing also means labor intensive manufacturing methods . However , labor intensive manufacturing approaches also include challenges in coordination , precision , floor space , operator training and so forth . Because of this , new manufacturing equipment designs , and advances are being developed . These machines , in contrast to in-line processing , are based on the lateral processing method . This automatic processing system allows the equipment to have individual processing modules intended to work on each one of the layers of the HLC separately and individually . This reduces the complexity of designing a single multifunction processing module . ( Figure 3 Page 25 ).
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