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Production Manager , Rich Sanders , verifying the applicator crimp specifications .
ful since the transition . “ We stepped away from dealing with penny-pinching purchasers early on . Our slogan is ‘ Your Manufacturing Partner ’ and that ’ s what we are really looking for – partners ,” he stressed . “ We are not afraid to invest in equipment for a specific order and we are dedicated to keeping components and finished goods on the shelf so we ’ re not a bottleneck for our customers .”
Recently , a key customer shared that they love Heltronics ’ flexibility and ability to expedite products that were not even on the schedule . That ’ s the kind of feedback Daniel is looking for and is quick to share with his team members .
Prior to Daniel buying the business , there was little attention to efficiency . “ When they took an order , they would go into the stockroom and physically count the different connectors , terminals , and wires to determine what they needed ,” he recalled . To achieve Daniel ’ s vision for the future , they hired an experienced wire harness engineer to oversee production . They also purchased an ERP system , cross-trained employees , and implemented many lean initiatives . As a result , they have been able to increase sales at a steady rate , while keeping the number of team members relatively constant .
Daniel is convinced that much of their success the past couple of years can be attributed to their more experienced and mature staff members , as well as the company and team culture . In fact , he has a few members of staff who are at or beyond retirement age . “ I ’ m probably the second youngest one here and we have a lot of people 50 and above . These folks want to continue to be involved in our workplace and enjoy the environment here .”
We rounded out the discussion by exploring what makes Heltronics an outstanding supplier to their customers . “ I think one of the things that has defined us over the past couple of years is we ’ ve been able to look at a drawing and give customers suggestions for equivalent parts that are readily available and are still certified to UL , CSA or whatever they require . The feedback we get is that their larger harness suppliers have been unwilling to work with them like this , and that ’ s how we have gained many customers ,” Daniel revealed .
The ability to be nimble with quick turnarounds has also endeared them with many if their recent new customers . “ We have done a lot of stopgap orders for large companies lately . We just did a very large battery cable order for a well-known boat manufacturer . They just couldn ’ t get it in a timely fashion from anyone else . But for us it was a quick and easy process .” Heltronics hopes to see more orders from this customer .
In just a few short years , Daniel and his team have transformed this small business into a powerhouse of capability in the harness industry . They have managed to reshore a great deal of business and continue to build a strong foundation for growth . It will be interesting to check back with them in a couple of years to see where their partnerships lead them .


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