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C200 Pneumatic Crimp Press


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Daniel pointed out they do well with small to medium sized companies with small engineering departments . “ Usually , they come up with some kind of drawing and ask us how we can build it more cost effectively with more readily available parts . That ’ s especially important with supply chain issues , and so we end up doing the final drawings .”
In addition to Daniel , there are two engineers on staff . “ One is a little more production centered , and one is more R & D oriented , working on new projects . But we all work together engaging with customers and working on solutions .”
A lot of Heltronics ’ new business comes through their website , but Daniel is also receiving many inquires through his WHMA membership . Google searches are also very helpful , and the company is at the point where word-of-mouth inquiries are beginning to build at a healthy rate . They have also exhibited at a Design-

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C200 Pneumatic Crimp Press

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Economical pneumatic benchtop crimp tool Accepts a variety of dies from different manufacturers
Air operated using standard factory air 75-100 Psi . Pressing capacity of up to 4,000 lbs .
Speed up your low to medium volume wire crimping process by using the FKN Systek benchtop crimp press to replace the hand crimping process . This tool uses the same dies you are presently using with your hand operated crimper .
FKN Systek 115 Pleasant Street Millis , MA 02054 Tel : 508 376 2500 Email fkn @ fknsystek . coml
Wire harness assembly with fully automatic testing .
Build Expo held outside of Philadelphia and plan to attend more of these events .
Their location in Eastern Pennsylvania has provided them many opportunities in the specialty automotive and trucking businesses . But the geographic nature of their business is beginning to change . Small and medium size companies well outside their region are beginning to discover them . “ There is a company out of Norway , and we build harnesses for their drones used for industrial purposes like power line inspection ,” Daniel listed . He speculates the company is trying to break into the U . S . market and aligning themselves with burgeoning suppliers .
Other exciting projects at Heltronics are in support of companies with emerging technologies . One of their new customers is requiring harnesses for fully automated lawnmowers “ It ’ s not a huge chunk of business right now , but its growing and we are very excited about it .
Daniel and his team are also very proud that an automotive company offered them most of their wire harness business due to the previous vendors ’ long lead times and lack of communications . “ Since the harnesses were made by suppliers in Mexico , process improvements and optimizations were needed so that we could manufacturer the assemblies more cost effectively . We were able to win the bids and reshore the harnesses with lower pricing and quicker turnaround time , usually from 3 to 6 weeks , depending on the harness ,” Daniel added .
Daniel pivoted to why he thinks the company has been so success-