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The Power Women of the Wire Harness Industry

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Guaymas , a private college located in her hometown . As with many engineering programs in Mexico , her program was a 3-year format , attending the full year ( no summer break ). During her first 2 years , she worked evenings with her mother selling lottery tickets at a stand in town . During her 3rd year of college , Estefania joined St . Clair Technologies , a wire harness manufacturer located in Guaymas , Sonora . Her student experiences at St . Clair Technologies continued to fuel her fire in engineering . She is thankful to have worked for an excellent boss , Leonel Torres , who not only supported her but provoked ideas and challenged her as much as the other male students . She also appreciated the company , as it not only focused on corporate performance and financials , but also had a strong emphasis on employee satisfaction and growth .
Estefania ’ s first assignment was in the tough environment of production . In this area , her responsibilities were focused on meeting the daily production goals while assuring high-quality wire harnesses . She participated in continuous improvement activities to reduce waste and improve efficiency . She collected data to report downtime and scrap , then worked with the management team to utilize the reports for improvement purposes . She was also responsible for working with management to ensure that the employees followed their work instructions and safety protocols .
After graduating , Estephania continued to work for St . Clair Technologies until she received an opportunity to follow her previous boss to a newer , female-owned wire harness manufacturer , Jana Diversity Solutions ( J-D ). Since J-D and St . Clair Technologies have a strategic partnership whereby J-Di began to produce harnesses that were not an optimal fit for the St . Clair strategic sales plan , Estefania was a strong candidate for the products and environment at J-D . Once in the role of Process Engineer , she began to focus on new product launches . Her assignments included installation of new build areas encompassing line balancing and process flow , while minimizing necessary build space . She coordinated the construction of new assembly fixtures , implemented lean techniques , and employed continuous improvement methodologies . She also strengthened and further applied her knowledge of IATF-16949 , Six Sigma , and core tools .
After nearly two years in the role , she was promoted to Process Engineering Supervisor . She now performs the various process engineering responsibilities , but also focuses on developing and supporting her
Estefania Fong Garcia
team . She has significant exposure to the top levels of her company , where she and her team often present highlights of continuous improvement and cost-mitigating activities .
When I asked Estefania about her collegiate experience , she advised that of 23 graduating seniors in her field — only 3 were female . However , she did not experience any negativity , nor did she feel excluded due to being female . Along with maintaining a job , Estefania was also an event coordinator at the school for two years and interacted with other females through those activities . Once joining St . Clair along with 9 other students in engineering , she was one of 2 females . Again , she touts that she had a very supportive boss who did not treat the women any differently from the men and provided them all with excellent guidance and growth opportunities . Estefania was smart enough and tenacious enough to make the most of her opportunity !
Also , in talking with Estefania , I noted that she was raised by a single mother who did not have a prominent or high-paying career . Her mother felt bad that Estefania had to work through school and at a young age . However , she developed a hard-work ethic and overcame all obstacles , creating her own success story . As a Hispanic female , she is atypical and a member of an underrepresented group in engineering . If she could choose a career again , she would select the same path and advises others to consider engineering , as well . The opportunities are endless and there is so much pride in breaking the paradigm of male engineers , especially in machismo Mexico .
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If you know a female engineer who would make a great candidate to feature in the Power Women series , please direct them to me at melissa . femia @ janadiversity . com