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By Melissa Femia ___________________________
Melissa Femia

This edition of the Power Women series features , Estefania Fong Garcia . Estefania was born and raised in Guaymas , Sonora , Mexico . Throughout elementary and secondary schooling , she consistently achieved excellent grades in all subjects , including math and science . Since she is very fond of children , she aspired to become a teacher . Estefania explained that during her preparatory , or high school , education , she focused on classes for students planning to attend college within the scientific / mathematical field . Commonly in Sonora , students choose their fields of interest and select course agendas to complement their interests to prepare them for college or work in that field . Since she intended to teach math or science , the curriculum for a teacher in these subjects was also relative to the coursework for students intending to pursue engineering . As a youth , however , she had many conversations with her aunt , who has an engineering degree and works at a wire harness company . Her aunt continued to expose Estefania to engineering , often sharing work activities , experiences , and challenges . By the time that Estefania was ready to enter college , her aunt successfully provoked the engineering interest in Estefania . Not only did Estefania find engineering and problem-solving interesting , she also had so much admiration for her aunt that she desired to follow in her aunt ’ s footsteps .

Deviating from the original plan to study teaching , Estefania enrolled in the Industrial Engineering Program at the Universidad Interamericana de
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