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September October 2022

Company Profile : Heltronics

By Joe Tito Wiring Harness News ___________________________

Without fail , the final minutes of the final hour of the final day of the EWPT Expo bring us some new opportunity . This year it was Daniel Helder , CEO / Owner of Heltronics . Daniel stopped by to compliment us on our publication . Since no good deed goes unpunished , I asked Daniel if he would let us interview him for an upcoming issue . He agreed , and we subsequently set up a call .

Heltronics is a contract manufacturer in Reading , PA . They build custom wire harnesses , electromechanical assemblies , and control panels . We will explore much more about the business , but a better place to start is Daniel ’ s unique background .
Daniel ’ s father was stationed in Germany while in the U . S . Air Force . During his seven-year post , he met Daniel ’ s mother and decided to stay in Germany , eventually working for Motorola .“ So , I was born and raised in Germany and have both German and U . S . citizenship . I went to college at the University of Applied Science in Offenburg which is on the German side of the French border ,” he detailed . There , he received a degree in Electromechanical Engineering . Just before graduating he received a job offer in Washington DC working for the Federal Highway Research Center ( FHWA ), a part of the DOT , as a research engineer . “ That was what I wanted to do anyway – see more of the world and move to the USA .”
A few years later he moved to South Carolina where he went to work as an Engineering Manager for a large electromechanical relay manufacturer . After another job in Portland , Oregon and six years working for others , he felt the tug of entrepreneurship , and began to explore opportunities . “ I figured purchasing an existing business would be easier than starting one , especially from the banks perspective ,” he explained .
Daniel was made aware of a business in Reading , PA through a broker .
Owner , Daniel Helder , reviewing the lead maker setup .
They were building custom electromechanical components , control panels and some harness and cable assemblies . “ The really odd thing is that this is where my dad grew up before he joined the Air Force and moved to Germany , and suddenly this business pops up in Reading .” Daniel called his dad who advised him that Reading was a nice place to live at least back when he was growing up , so Daniel did his due diligence and purchased the business in 2018 .
The business was called Wunsch Technologies and they did a lot of work for the military , especially for high-speed communications . The company was started in 2008 and had always stayed about the same size with little reinvestment .
Since the purchase , Daniel has made a number of changes . “ I took over at the end of 2018 , and we moved about a year and a half later to a new larger location . We have been growing ever since and I ’ ve been keeping the money in the company . We purchased a lot of capital equipment and have made many operational changes to become ISO 9001 compliant ,” he cited . Even with the move to the larger facility , they have begun to outgrow it and have started to use space in an adjacent unit .
From the beginning , Daniel and his team have been pushing the wire harness side of the business . They invested in fully automated equipment including Komax cut / strip / crimp machines , an automated battery cable cutting machine , ultrasonic welders , applicator tooling and plenty of bench-top processing equipment .
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Komax Receives Clearance for Combination with Schleuniger

Nothing now stands in the way of the combination of Komax Holding AG and Schleuniger AG announced on 9 February 2022 : The relevant competition authorities have granted clearance . The next steps will be the closing of the combination on 30 August 2022 and the implementation of the associated capital increase , which was approved by the Annual General Meeting on 13 April 2022 . The 1,283,333 newly issued registered shares will be allocated to Metall Zug AG in exchange for 100 % of the Schleuniger shares and traded for the

first time on the SIX Swiss Exchange on 31 August 2022 . Metall Zug AG , the current owner of Schleuniger AG , will then hold a 25 % stake in Komax Holding AG . Consolidation of the Schleuniger Group will take place from 1 September 2022 .
Implementation of the capital increase will make two further proposals approved by the Annual General Meeting effective from 30 August 2022 : Dr . Jürg Werner will become a member of the Board of Directors of Komax Holding AG and the existing restrictions on registration and voting rights ( 15 %) for Komax Holding
AG shares will be abolished without replacement .
As the pioneer and market leader for over 40 years , Komax provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for any situation that calls for precision wire processing . Komax manufactures machinery and equipment for various industries , catering to every conceivable degree of automation and customization . Its
range of quality tools , test systems and intelligent networking solutions complete the portfolio , and ensure safe and efficient production .
Contact : Komax Corporation , 1100 E . Corporate Grove Drive , Buffalo Grove , IL 60089-4507
Phone 888-GO-KOMAX , or visit www . komaxgroup . com , visit info . buf @ komaxgroup . com