Wiring Harness News Sep-Oct 2021 - Page 57

Creating an Intelligent Harness Drawing to Automate the Manufacturing Process Webinar

Creating an Intelligent Harness Drawing to Automate the Manufacturing Process Webinar

By Christine Siebert __________________________________

WHMA supplier member , Zuken USA , is presenting this quarter ’ s webinar on September 8th at 1pm CST . This webinar is intended for harness engineers , electrical engineers , harness designers , assembly and manufacturing technicians , harness production managers , quality assurance , and engineering managers .

Presenting this webinar is Sanu Warrier , Technical Marketing Manager of Zuken USA , Inc . Sanu helps customers find effective solutions to their design challenges . His work focuses on eliminating inefficiencies , improving design processes , and reducing costs to improve competitive advantages .
What you will learn during this webinar :
• How to quickly create accurate quotes and designs from excel data
• How to effectively capture manufacturing information in the harness drawing
• How to use intelligent library parts to improve accuracy and reduce design time
• How to automate manual processes to reduce time and errors .
• How to drive next-generation manufacturing machines
• How to improve the harness assembly process using the latest automation technologies
We look forward to seeing you on the webinar on September 8th at 1 pm CST . You can register at www . whma . com or https :// ipc . zoom . us / webinar / register / WN _ pNjdyJk1TkO- BlBbzObdfDA .
Sanu Warrier , Zuken USA , Inc .
Sanu will take us through a riveting 45 minute presentation and 15 minute Q & A . This webinar will discuss what is the most essential part of the harness manufacturing process ? The answer differs by the role of the person answering the question . There are many steps to get from concept to a complete manufactured harness . Each step in the process depends on the previous step to move forward . The idea of design-for-manufacturing is to be aware of manufacturing and assembly challenges during the design process . Does a simple harness drawing with lines , circles , and pictures do that ? No , it does not . Creating a harness design with details for driving manufacturing and assembly automation is essential for success .
This webinar will outline the basics of creating an intelligent harness design to generate accurate quotes , drive smart quality checks and create 1:1 scale manufacturing drawings . The live demonstration will include utilizing the same harness data to drive automated manufacturing tools for labeling , testing , cutting , processing , and visualizing wires . We will introduce and outline the innovative capabilities of using dedicated harness design tools like Harness Builder for E3 . series to augment harness manufacturing .