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Leading to Win : Best practices learned from a 40-year career

By Paul Hogendoorn __________________________________
Paul Hogendoorn


’ m a half-dozen weeks into “ non-employment ”, which is a new and interesting condition for me . I ’ ve been writing this column for 16 years now , typically writing about the business stresses and challenges that kept me awake most Sunday evenings , along with the opportunities and ideas that kept me going back to work on Monday mornings anyway . Building a business or running a plant is not easy ; there is a relentless pressure to deliver something ‘ tangible ’ every day , week , month , and year .
Many others in the organization have different degrees of separation in their lives . the longer term , big picture objectives can be deferred to others , and shorter-term objectives can be delegated . There is an “ off switch ” they can apply , and even though many opt to leave it on most of the time , that option is still theirs ’. But , if you are the leader , there really is no “ off switch ”, unless you have the company running very smoothly like a flywheel spinning on its own momentum . But in that case , you likely have effectively delegated the leadership to another person , and that person relates to what I ’ m saying here .
I ’ ve been asked to continue writing this column for a while longer , and its something I ’ m glad to do . I ’ ve had the privilege of visiting hundreds of manufacturing plants all over the world , spending time on the floor , working with people and on machines ( I loved that part ), planning , executing , failing and succeeding , and always growing . It would be tempting to add “ improving ”, or “ continually improving ”, but I ’ ll be
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