Wiring Harness News May-Jun 2022 - Page 56

Sequel Wire and Cable Welcomes Todd Eagan as Sales Manager , Expands Capabilities and Staff
After launching in 2020 and succeeding despite global economic challenges , Sequel is continuing to deliver on their dedication to exceeding customer expectations by hiring a new sales manager , additional employees , and expanding facility capabilities .
Todd Eagan Sequel Wire and Cable
Todd Eagan was sought out by Sequel and selected as Sales Manager due to his depth of knowledge and experience for 30 + years in nearly every aspect of the wire and cable supply chain and major components . His diverse background covers the process from start to finish , including cast copper rod , compounds , and commercial uninsulated and insulated wire . He understands the interrelation of purchasing , manufacturing and selling the raw materials necessary to make insulated wire . He is also just a really enjoyable person to work with who has a strong reputation in the industry .
What makes Todd a perfect fit for Sequel is his unique approach of serving as a liaison between manufacturing and the customer and treating both sides equally . He values working as partners to simplify interactions and be fully transparent , so everyone knows what to expect . Mike Frigo , CCO , shared “ Todd has a stellar reputation in the industry . His granular followup to details and natural rapport with customers are just something you can ’ t teach . He is culturally a fit at Sequel and is already a huge contributor .”
In January of 2021 , after six months of insulating products , Sequel needed to initiate expansion of product production to meet demand . As of January 2022 , the Phase 1 expansion is fully completed and operational . This facility expansion doubles internal wire drawing capabilities , and raises PVC output by a third . These investments benefit the customer with shorter lead
times and better flexibility for reacting to demand . Furthermore , quality control is enhanced since the need to source uninsulated wire externally is significantly reduced . Our culture of empowering our employees to be their best and produce excellent quality products was a key to early and future successes .
Sequel is committed to constantly evaluating and reacting to ever-changing customer needs and being agile to meet that demand .
For more information on Sequel Wire and Cable , visit www . sequelwire . com , email sales @ sequelwire . com , or call 574-626-1515
TE Connectivity Launches Innovative New Hybrid Inline Connector
New Generation Y 68P Sealed Hybrid Inline Connector addresses wire harness complexity in next generation passenger vehicle by combining signal , power and data connectivity into one connector
In today ’ s data-intensive automotive environment , there is an increasing amount of electronic content in modern vehicles , which is leading to an ever-increasing cable harness complexity impacting manufacturing , supply chain , costs and vehicle weight . OEMs are therefore seeking to reduce this complexity by simplifying architectures and consolidating connections within the car .
To address this need , TE Connectivity ( TE ), a world leader in connectivity and sensors , has launched an innovative Generation Y 68P Sealed Hybrid Inline Connector that enables ease of manufacturing for OEMs , reduces the number of connections , simplifies supply chain complexity and reduces cost . The new Generation Y 68P is an all-in-one solution that combines signal , power and data connectivity into one connector .
“ Often data connectors are found running alongside low voltage signal and power connectors creating a complex harness , which leads to higher costs , additional weight , more space and complicated manufacturing ,” said Kevin Presnell , product manager at TE . “ The Generation Y 68P sealed hybrid inline connector is a compact and reliable solution that supports the ongoing industry challenges faced by OEMs and can positively and cost-effectively impact supply chain .”
The Generation Y 68P sealed hybrid inline connector combines the robust and reliable Mate-AX mini coaxial connector with a combination of 0.64 / 1.5 / 2.8mm power and signal circuits into one hybrid connection . It is compact in size for a 68P inline connector making it an excellent miniaturized hybrid solution for inline connector consolidation .
The most common use for the Generation Y 68P sealed hybrid inline connector is applications where separate low voltage power and signal connectors are running alongside traditional data connectivity , including high-resolution cameras and displays , antenna connections , transfer of video and sensor signals . For more information , visit te . com / automotive .
TE Connectivity is a global industrial technology leader creating a safer , sustainable , productive , and connected future . Our broad range of connectivity and sensor solutions , proven in the harshest environments , enable advancements in transportation , industrial applications , medical technology , energy , data communications , and the home . With more than 85,000 employees , including over 8,000 engineers , working alongside customers in approximately 140 countries , TE ensures that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS . Learn more at www . te . com and on LinkedIn , Facebook , WeChat and Twitter .
Herrmann appoints André Deponte as Head of
International Headquarters
Karlsbad , - Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co . KG is optimizing its global structures , and has made André Deponte the new head of international headquarters . Deponte is to oversee closer global collaboration to ensure a standard customer experience around the world .
The post has been created primarily in response to the increasing importance of global customers and the company ’ s corresponding growth on international markets . To step up strategic support for the three head offices in the USA , China , and Japan , the CEO Thomas Herrmann is handing over their management to André Deponte with effect from April 1 . Deponte ’ s role is to coordinate the sites more closely to leverage resources , standardize processes , and thus secure international growth .
Herrmann is also seeking to strengthen bonding within the Group through greater exchange . The aim is to develop a global Herrmann culture over the next few years with shared values and shared objectives .
“ There is only one Why for us and that is ‘ bonding – more than materials ’”. And we want this same commitment to excite customers at all our sites globally ,” explains André Deponte .
The qualified mechatronics engineer and experienced sales manager joined Herrmann four years ago . To date , he has been instrumental in building up the global METALS business unit and headed development of ultrasonic welding solutions for lithium-ion batteries , cable harnesses , power rails , and terminals . He is to continue as the global head of sales alongside his new role . Michael Leipold , who already manages the PLASTICS business unit , is taking over André Deponte ’ s duties as METALS global business unit director .
Three questions for André Deponte , Head of International Headquarters
1 . What goals have you set yourself in your new role ?
The most important goal is once again “ Bonding – more than materials ”. We don ’ t just want to bond materials , we also want stronger bonds between us all , which will ultimately attract even more customers . That is why we are seeking to establish standard processes in our departments , and achieve a shared understanding and common objectives to become a globally networked Herrmann family . This means building strong links between the various headquarters , and this is where I see my role as a bridge-builder and communicator .
2 . What will your first steps be ?
The most important thing initially will be networking with the headquarters . I traveled to the US in early March , taking part in the Culture Journey camps that we run all over the world to share our Herrmann culture with staff .
Trips to China and Japan are next on the agenda . The first thing is always to get to know colleagues better and to listen to what they have to say . What are the processes ? What are we doing now , and where do differences still remain ? How can we achieve a more standardized approach ? Step by step , this will bring us closer together and drive globalization .
3 . What do you see as the most exciting aspect of your new role ?
I am most looking forward to global bonding , for ultimately , everything centers on interpersonal relationships . We have so many good ideas and so much energy all over the world . We need to harness those ideas and that energy together . How ? By getting to know each other better and creating a firm basis of trust so that we can progress together as a company . The task of turning the global Herrmann team into one cohesive unit and inspiring customers around the world is hugely exciting . tool .
Herrmann welcomes André Deponte as Head of International Headquarters .