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Wire Harness Manufacturing Automation Ideas

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Automating Manufacturing Work Instructions
Although not a production option , clear work instructions lead to higher productivity in the manufacturing process . Design teams are often left picking between two bad options . They are either manually creating work instructions or skipping them and leaving it up to manufacturing . The first option increases the design cycle and cost . The second option is worse , skipping manufacturing instructions to save time upfront only to spend time fixing issues and going back and forth between engineering and manufacturing . Either way ,
Automated work instructions .
the dreaded engineering change order rears its head , and the overhead around managing the ECOs adds to the pain .
Intelligent tools like Harness Builder for E3 . series help design teams simplify and expedite the manufacturing work instruction creation . The balanced mix of automated and semiautomated templates caters to different requirements across projects .
Automate Printing and Labeling
Label printing for projects is an umbrella term covering markings for components , locations , wires , and other visible data . The partial automation of label printing has been around for many years with popular printers
from suppliers like Brady , Brother , Hewlett Packard , and many more . The design tool has a significant influence on the printing process .
The labels play an essential role in increasing productivity and improving the overall quality of production and services . Assembly and service teams need clear indicators for components , locations , wire identifiers , and critical equipment data . Using solutions like E3 . series , design teams can automate multiple printing requirements . The data captured during the design process is readily available in multiple formats to drive the labeling machines .
Automated manufacturing , testing , and assembly options have a huge potential to positively impact every aspect of the design to manufacturing
journey . Considering labor shortages and price pressures , companies willing to act early stand to gain a significant advantage . However , the most critical step in the manufacturing automation journey is to produce accurate data capable of driving the automation . Above all , an intelligent design tool is a prerequisite for adopting efficient automated processes . The E3 . series design suite offers unmatched capabilities to augment the assembly and manufacturing process quickly while reducing errors and design overheads .
Many thanks to Sanu and his team at Zuken for compiling this article . You can check out more automation solutions on the Zuken website , or visit them at the E W P T Expo at booth 618 .


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