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Wire Harness Manufacturing Automation Ideas in a Tight Labor Market

By Sanu Warrier ___________________________
Wire Harness Manufacturing Automation
The move towards electrification across the machinery and transportation sector is increasing the demand for wire harnesses . Simultaneously , the booming industry is battling the overall labor market shortages . The wire harness production process has been predominantly labor-intensive . The most commonly sighted reason is the lack of viable wire harness manufacturing automation options . That may have been true a decade ago , but not today . Several options are available today for automating the wire harness manufacturing process .
Even so , without the right tools , wire harness design teams struggle to gather the information required to adopt an automated manufacturing process . A detailed , intelligent design and layout accelerates the documentation process and sets the stage to drive automated assembly and production machines . Let ’ s look at the leading automation options with significant advantages over traditional manual processes .
The process of cutting , stripping , and preparing wires for the harness is often labor-intensive and time-consuming . The next step of completing the wire terminations is error-prone as well . Furthermore , any errors in picking and finishing the wire terminations will significantly impact the project . Indeed , automated wire processing machines have the potential to save more than 50 % of labor costs and deliver additional time savings .
Automated wire processing machines eliminate a large portion of the wiring challenges . The latest machines cut , strip , and mark the wires and have options for adding the wire terminations . For instance , machines like the Komax Zeta have advanced bundling capabilities to group processed wires to supercharge the assembly process . Using the right design tools can help generate the required data in a suitable format to drive machines from major vendors like Schleuniger , Argus , and Komax .
Augmented reality formboard from DeltaSigma .
Automated Wire Harness Testing
Testing a wire harness to ensure connectivity and continuity is vital for quality control . The automated wire harness testing machines provide various test options like connectivity , impedance , signal integrity , and more . However , setting up test routines or manually conducting tests has overheads that design teams tend to avoid . Automated wire testing machines deliver significant time savings , but more importantly , have the potential to cut the error rate by half .
Leading automated testing machine OEMs like DeltaSigma , Cirris , DIT-MCO , Dynalabs , CamiResearch , Nexeya , CKT technologies , and others can drive testing from intelligent connectivity data . Using purposebuilt wire harness design tools like Harness Builder for E3 . series , designers can automatically capture and produce data required to set up the test routines .
Digital Formboard with Augmented Reality Wire Harness Assembly
The harness assembly process on physical formboards or nailboards demands a great deal of set-up , maintenance , and storage overhead . The next step in the evolutionary process is to reimagine wire harness assembly fundamentals . Augmented or mixed reality has significant benefits over the traditional visualization process with 70 % potential time savings . Augmented reality solutions are perfect for resolving complex assembly challenges across many domains . A
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