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UV Laser Marking of Wire Insulation Materials

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structions commonly used in the aerospace industry .
Other wire types can be marked as well for as long as they contain the magic pigment . The requirement of having TiO2 in the outmost layer of a jacket is the primary limitation for
the marking technology described above . In most applications , TiO2 is used as a white pigmenting agent and it turns black upon UV laser irradiation . Therefore , only light-colored wires can be legibly imprinted .
The rest of the wires can also be marked with a laser via the different mechanisms depicted in Fig . 1 .
However , these marking most likely will not be in compliance with strict aerospace standards unless we find another magic pigment that , for example , turns white from black upon the green laser exposure .
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Table 1 . UV Laser Markable Wires and Cables .