Wiring Harness News May-Jun 2022 - Page 41


CAMI Increases Production Capacity for Developing Automation Ready Cable and Harness Testers

CAMI Research Inc . ( Acton , MA ), has extended their production facility by adding 2000 sq ft of new production space for manufacture of their innovative CableEye ® wiring test systems .
Despite the pandemic , 2021 sales were the highest ever for CAMI . CAMI is an essential manufacturer in the supply chain for defense and medical industries , so all areas of the business have remained operational through the pandemic .
The company has been a leader in innovating highly configurable test solutions for simple and complex multiconductor cables and harnesses for nearly thirty years . CAMI provides these advanced wiring analyzers and guided assembly systems to discerning global customers who require accurate and dependable assembly and testing in order to deliver top quality product . Systems are used for countless test applications of products destined for Transportation , Aerospace , Energy , Appliances , Medical Devices , Defense , Robotics , Telecom and much more . Trusted by industry leaders such as CERN , Ford , GE , Hitachi , NASA , Abbott , TESLA , Lockheed Martin , Raytheon , Airborn , Furukawa , TE Connectivity , and the Nobel prize-winning group , LIGO , thousands of test systems have shipped globally over the years .
The Production View for Pass / Fail checks while running an automated test is shown in the screenshot ( Fig . 1 ). Displayed on any sized screen you desire , the color-coded graphicrich display provides clarity and , at the click of a button , you may visualize the wiring schematically or by netlist . Components are automatically detected and displayed ( including Diode orientation ), wiring
faults are color-coded , and full measurement data is provided for every pin-to-pin connection . Another click provides a detailed customizable report , complete with wiring schematic and netlist , for your own records or for your customer . A short ( red ) is clearly identified in this screenshot , and both audio and visual signals indicated the harness test has failed .
Learn about the advantages of CAMI and CableEye equipment at the EWPTE show in Milwaukee ( Booth 1505 ). Ask a CAMI representative how to win $ 500 in CableEye accessories .
Figure 1 . CableEye Wiring Tester Production Screen