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more than double the footprint of the facility . “ I have worked on the financing , and within the next 24 months we will go from a 24,000ft .² facility to 54,000 ft .², and that ’ s just phase one of our growth ,” George informed . There is a constant push to upgrade tooling and equipment to build more quality products for current and future customers .
Like most of these interviews I do , it ’ s tough for me to put into words the passion and enthusiasm that came through in my discussion with
George and Tammy . They ’ ve fallen hard for this industry , and they have dedicated their professional future to it . George is currently under contract to purchase another harness manufacturer and has already made plans to look at a third . I look forward to hearing more from him as he continues to grow in the industry .
MNSTAR was recently featured in fox businesses manufacturing marvels . You can watch the video by following this link : https :// bit . ly / 36WJ4qV .
MNSTAR team .