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“ If the customer did the designs , we always ask their permission to substitute a more readily available option . If we do the design , we will make that call but let them know what we are using . Either way , we always make sure that with any substitution , the form fit and function are exactly the same so there is no impact on quality or performance ,” Tammy detailed .
To bring in new business , MN- STAR has one full-time salesperson , Jim Johnson , who has been selling for them for 10 months , but has years of sales experience . They have also brought on Norm Sagon along with another independent contractor . These entities are already busy expanding the company ’ s customer base by looking for opportunities nationally .
Knowing how difficult it is to onboard new employees over the last couple years , I asked how they ’ ve been able to grow so quickly from a personnel perspective . Tammy indicated that because they ’ re in a rural setting , there is much less transiency than one might get in a big city . As
such , they ’ ve had great success in pulling folks from surrounding towns to employ . It ’ s not the big city life , rather it ’ s a much more deliberate and dedicated culture . “ The people who live here love to be out in the country . They like their acreage , and they like to hunt and fish ,” she asserted .
To increase the attractiveness of MNSTAR to the locals , the company has increased wages , added a benefit package for the first time , and has also instituted flexible work schedules . “ They are all very proud of what they do and that ’ s something you don ’ t always find in a bigger city . We are lucky and fortunate to have that .”
In order to promote their visibility in the community , George and his team have opened up the facility to anyone who would like a tour . “ We want the community to understand what we do and what we provide for our employees and the community , so that ’ s just been a fun thing for us to do ,” George revealed . This strategy has proven to be a great recruitment tool for the company . It also helps
George assure the local community that MNSTAR is there to stay . “ I will tell you this ,” said George , “ one of my philosophies when looking at a company to buy is that I will never move it . These employees have made MNSTAR what it is , and it belongs to
this community and I want everyone to know that I came in to grow the business , because I ’ m a grower , not a maintainer .”
The company already has plans to
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Automated assembly at MNSTAR .