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rine , government / D . O . T ., first responder fleets , agriculture and other industrial markets . Like many in the industry , they have become much more involved in the design phase , but they do so with an added twist . “ We ’ re a little different in that we go on site to our customers to help them with design ,” she informed . Whether its crawling around in the hull of a boat , taking measurements on a berry picker , or ascertaining the best dimensions for a panel on a fire truck , MNSTAR engineers go to the source when determining proper fit , form and function .
Many of the assemblies and panels that the company makes go into products exposed to harsh environments . One application the company is particularly proud and excited about is the control panels and assemblies for snowplow vehicles . That ’ s because the components they are replacing were made by MN- STAR and have been in service for over 15 years . “ In northern Minnesota there is salt on the roads nine months out of the year with extreme temperatures of 37 below — and that ’ s air temperature , not windchill — and they are just now having to replace these components ,” she revealed .
MNSTAR takes great pride in their high-quality standards . They use Cirris test equipment as their gold standard for quality assurance and do 100 % testing . “ It doesn ’ t go out of the plant unless it is tested ,” Tammy assured . “ When we do first articles , they always get the test data report , and some customers prefer the data with every harness we build for them . But even if they don ’ t request the data for each product , those test results are stored on our database and we can pull them up at any time .”
Like everyone else , MNSTAR is facing supply chain issues . One way they have sought to overcome this is through the standardization of components where possible . “ We do a lot of braiding , and because of the marine and fire industries , we have to use a premium quality braid ,” Tammy advised . “ I don ’ t carry two different types of braiding material , I only use the highest standard , so all of our customers benefit from that .”
They operate in a similar manner with Deutsch as their preferred connector supplier . Overall , this strategy gives them leverage in buying power .
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Print a bar code label only
Restrict an operator from
Identify the operator for
Verify the bar code label
if the harness passes ?
altering the program ?
labels and data collection ?
is applied to the harness ?
Transfer programs to tester
Send alert if harness is
Connect to a network for file
Work as a standalone system
via a memory card ?
removed prematurely ?
transfers and data collection ?
without needing a computer ?