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all the different areas that are using harnesses and the variety of industries they cross .”
George proceeded to give some historical perspective on the company . “ When I bought MNSTAR , they had been around for about 20 years . I think it had a very nice brand and was known in different industries for building quality products .” But he indicated the business was at the point where it needed fresh ownership and capital to flourish . “ I started 18 months ago with 28 Employees , and now we ’ re up to 44 and continuing to grow and do new things .”
George handed the conversation over to Tammy who he brought in to manage MNSTAR ’ s operations . But he quickly made an important clarification that she , no doubt , appreciated . “ Now I want to make sure you know that Tammy is not part of that age group that I described earlier , but she ’ s one of the best people I ’ ve ever hired , and I depend on her a lot . She is a just a phenomenal leader for me at this business .”
Tammy indicated that MNSTAR has historically been a supplier of build-to-print harnesses , cable assemblies and panel builds for ma-
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