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Strategies to Protect Our Supply Chains

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Smart robot feeding of loose terminals on the Artos CrX-44HD .
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Deloitte has developed a dynamic circular model that no longer looks at a supply chain in a linear way . Rather , it duplicates the physical system with a digital twin , which is used to visualize and analyze the production system . This analysis triggers actions or measures to address disruptions in our supply .
Systems that visualize and analyze production in real time are highly recommended . They can identify potential delivery delays at an early stage so that appropriate measures can be taken to avoid these . According to McKinsey , digital supply chain technology is being implemented in every industry studied . In the automotive , aerospace , and defense sectors , it is even 100 % of all companies .
There are already developed solutions for the wire harness industry . The Smart Cabinet Building Initiative , of which Komax is a founding member , plays a key role . By networking technology and know-how across all process steps , it is developing integrated solutions for current and future challenges in cabinet building – from component selection and the pre-assembly of wire harnesses , equipment , and housings to assisted final assembly and testing before commissioning . The basis for networking the process steps is the digital twin , a complete digital description of the control cabinet and its components , which can be used to control the process steps and track any specific item through the production process .
Whether an OEM or contract manufacturer , a digital ecosystem that provides production transparency can produce valuable data to understand and avoid unexpected supply disruptions .
Best results with a holistic approach
Each of these four strategies protects our supply chains and production systems from disruption in a particular way . However , it is appropriate to implement them all together as a holistic approach . For clarity , we have arranged these strategies in a hierarchical order to show the impact on the following strategy : By bringing the supply chain closer to the original equipment manufacturer ( insourcing / nearshoring ), the producer can better influence product design . This reduces the diversity of components . This in turn facilitates automation . Automation in turn enables the use of a digital infrastructure .
Smart Factory by Komax : shaping the future of wire harness production
The manufacturing model for wire harness production has evolved enormously in recent years . The most important factors were Industry 4.0 and IoT . The best example is the Smart Factory by Komax . It is uncompromisingly shaping the future of wire harness production through more advanced automation , shorter set-up times , and self-learning AI - all within a digital ecosystem . A global study by Deloitte looks at the impact among companies with smart factory initiatives . These achieved an average of 10 % higher production output , 11 % higher capacity utilization , and a 12 % increase in labor productivity .
Sure , just-in-case inventories are a prudent stopgap . But more robust and economically advantageous are strategies in line with our JIT goals . This is especially true for industrial OEMs in the wire harness industry . Now they have the chance to score even in times of crisis .
Where to begin on the path to a protected , reliable supply chain ?
The best starting point is comprehensive consulting . Komax can support customers not only with highly automated machines , but also , for example , with a manufacturing execution system specially developed for wire processing and services that help it optimize production and material flow .
John Olsen has over 30 years of experience in the wire processing field . He is the Co-manager of Komax Corporation and leads efforts on advanced and custom wire processing automation solutions .

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