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Expanding Ultrasonic Applications in EV ’ s

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Following are some specific applications and challenges for ultrasonic welding of electrical components :
1 . Ultrasonic welding pole - The application requires the welding to take place at the bottom of the cylindrical cell through the jelly roll , so the ultrasonic welding tool has to have a long reach .
2 . Stator welding of magnet wires - Reaching inside this IGBT * is much easier with TSP equipment . The gentle vibration allows more consistent welds without damaging the ceramics .
3 . Connection bolt on current conductor - This is a 360 ° weld around the bolt that requires a recess on the ultrasonic tool . Connecting the bolt on the connector conductor allowed significant manufacturing cost reduction .

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4 . Battery cap welding - The space is limited as the film-style electrical conductor must be welded into an embossed channel in the battery cap .
5 . Hermetic seals on cylindrical cans - Hermetic seal in the circular shape for applications like airbag sensor
6 . Electrical connection on IGBT - The Cu-plated ceramic printed assembly board in IGBT modules for welding the conductor . The gentle vibration allows more consistent welds without damaging the ceramics . The process is also very forgiving on the fine wire bonds on the DBC .
About Telsonic :
The Swiss Telsonic Group has been offering its industrial ultrasonic solutions through representation in Europe , America and Asia since 1966 . Constant innovations help to ensure that , in many applications , Telsonic has established a lead over competitors that offers added value to customers . With over 250 highly qualified staff , the owner-managed company specializes in plastic and metal welding as well as ultrasonic cleaning and sieving . All over the world , customers in fields such as automotive , packaging , and medical technology value the company ’ s comprehensive services and broad range of ultrasonic components for system construction as well as its complete welding systems .