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Expanding Ultrasonic Applications in EV ’ s

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Ultrasonic welding technology is a proven joining process that is increasingly specified by carmakers for use in EV for cable to terminal connections , bus bars , battery manufacturing and power electronics . The automotive wire harness manufacturing industry has traditionally been the single largest user of ultrasonic welding , mostly splicing of wires , since the late 1980 ’ s . Linear welding is the more common technique known and used by all equipment manufacturers and a standard process for the splicing of the wires . However , like many other joining processes , there are limitations in size , welding in smaller area , geometrical shapes , orientation of welding , and vibration effects on peripheral components .
Torsional Metal Welding Technologies
Telsonic Torsional PowerWheel and SONIQTWIST technology have made innovative solutions for EV joining applications that were impossible otherwise . The Torsional technology allows welding of larger size welds , gentle vibration and out of reach joining areas . This has expanded the ultrasonic application spectrum significantly . These innovative techniques allowed many joining applications that were impossible by Linear welding as we know it . These torsional technologies how do you dinner tomorrow I need it dispensary opened the door to new design of components as well as new manufacturing methods never possible in the past . In fact , this technology is sometimes found to be the only solution for electric car battery manufacturers and in the termination of high-voltage cables . Other examples where torsional ultrasonic welding proves to be the superior method are bus bars , 3D terminals and integrated gate bipolar transistors ( IGBT ).
PowerWheel welding technology application overview for stranded wire on terminals
Following are some specific applications and challenges for ultrasonic welding of stranded wire on terminals :
1 . High voltage cable set with tubular cable lugs - Welding is proven to work with PowerWheel .
2 . Shielded cables - Larger cables up to 200 mm ² in a smaller weld area is possible when there are restrictions on surface area of the connector .
3 . Short cables welded on both sides - Welding both ends of a short cable by Linear welding could allow the vibration for the second weld breaks the first weld . Torsional welding has much less vibration affect and therefore , it makes welding of cables as short as 4 Inch possible .
4 . 3D terminal – in this situation , PowerWheel offers the advantage of more access to the weld area .
5 . High power lock box terminals ask you for with Al cable - The Royal Power Solutions terminal , SQ4 , in this case is about 17 mm high . Power- Wheel ® is the method to access the weld area .
6 . Terminal two stranded braided cord - Braided wires have very fine strands which can be damaged if it was not for the gentle Torsional vibration . IGBTs ( insulated gate bipolar transistors ) are designed for high voltage switching applications . Due to their high efficiency and reliability , they are the perfect match for ( plugin ) hybrid vehicles and electric cars .
SONIQTWIST welding technology application overview for metal components
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