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Unauthorized Use of Military Part Numbers Warning Notice to Customers About Unauthorized Use of Military Part Numbers

Notice to Customers : Daniels Manufacturing CorporationÆ ( DMCÆ ) is an authorized and qualified provider of crimp tools and accessories that have been manufactured and qualified to various SAE and Military Specifications ( Mil-Spec ). However , there are other providers of crimp tools that are being advertised using Mil-Spec / military part numbers even though they are not authorized or qualified to do so . This situation is potentially hazardous for the entire aerospace community , Department of Defense , and maintainers of electrical wiring interconnect systems and may result in the compromise of mission critical electrical systems .

If not purchased directly from DMC , be wary of products that bear the M22520 & M81969 military part
numbers , DMC trademarks , DMC CAGE code ( 11851 ), and appear almost identical to genuine DMC qualified products as listed on the Qualified Products Database ( QPD ) and Qualified Products List ( QPL ) because these products may not be approved or qualified under AS22520 or AS81969 and other specifications that apply . GIDEP SAFE-ALERTS F9Y- S-17-01A and F9Y-S-17-02A have been issued to alert the industry of the fraudulent misrepresentations .
Please visit www . dmctools . com to get a list of known unauthorized users of military part numbers and discover ways to identify these tools . You can also learn how these unauthorized tools are entering the supply chain , how to avoid them , and what to do if you discover them in your facility .
more resistant , which ensures that the cables can withstand the toughest operating conditions . With this , downtime or disruptions in the production process can be drastically reduced .
MULTIFLEX 512 ® -PUR UL / CSA Receives NEK 606 Approval
HELUKABEL , a leading international manufacturer and supplier of cables , wires and cable accessories , recently announced its MULTIFLEX 512 ® -PUR UL / CSA and its shielded variant ( MULTI- FLEX 512 ® -C-PUR UL / CSA ) are now certified according to the internationally recognized Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee ( NEK ) standard TS 606 , which defines the requirements for halogen-free cables that are resistant to drilling mud . This approval is found primarily in applications associated with the oil and gas industry . Additionally , MULTIFLEX 512 ® -PUR UL / CSA and MULTIFLEX 512 ® -C-PUR UL / CSA comply with the more stringent Det Norske Veritas ( DNV ) ship approval tests for flexible electrical cables ( CP-0417 ) making it ideal for offshore applications .
Oil and gas production platforms , oil tankers , refinery ships and offshore wind turbines have one thing in common : they put extreme strain on electrical equipment . Therefore , to function reliably , the cables installed must be resistant to oil , petrol , ozone and UV radiation as well as withstand coolants and lubricants or cold cleaning agents . HELUKABEL ’ s MULTIFLEX 512 ® -PUR UL / CSA and MULTIFLEX 512 ® -C-PUR UL / CSA series perform optimally under these demanding conditions .
Conventional jacket materials tend to swell when exposed to aggressive agents such as lubricants and coolants , which negatively impacts the cable performance and shortens its service life . The polyurethane ( PUR ) polymers used by HELUKABEL are significantly
About MULTIFLEX 512 ® -PUR UL / CSA Drag Chain Cables
MULTIFLEX 512 ® -PUR UL / CSA , available with or without a shield , is a drag chain-rated control and power cable suitable for nominal voltages up to 1000 volts ( UL AWM ). It is designed to withstand extreme mechanical stress and can be used in ambient temperatures from -30 to + 90 degrees Celsius . The wide operating temperature range also benefits the cable ’ s service life because higher temperatures tend to deteriorate conventional insulation materials causing their mechanical properties to fail sooner . The cable is flame-retardant , resistant to weathering and retains its high tear and abrasion resistance even at low temperatures . Additionally , it is extremely flexible with a minimum bending radius of five times the cable diameter for moving applications , and three times the diameter when static . It has been tested to withstand approximately 10 million alternating bending cycles ensuring it performs reliably in multi-shift operations and when it ’ s exposed to the tight bending stresses . Finally , it is UL 758 ( AWM Style 212090 ) and CSA C22.2 No . 210 ( AWM I / II A / B ) approved making it ideal for export-oriented manufacturers .
HELUKABEL USA , Inc . is the wholly owned U . S . subsidiary of HELUKA- BEL GmbH , a leading international manufacturer and supplier of cables , wires and cable accessories with 58 locations in 37 countries throughout the world . In its 75,000-square-foot , suburban-Chicago facility HELUKABEL USA stocks over 4,000 cable , wire and accessory line items for a multitude of application areas including mechanical and plant engineering , industrial automation , oil and gas , building technology , infrastructure , mobility and renewable energy .