Wiring Harness News May-Jun 2022

• A New Model for Data Exchange
• Are You Still Building Birdhouses ?
• Dimensional Life of Heat Shrink Tubing
• Strategies to Protect Our Supply Chains
• Expanding Ultrasonic Applications in EV ’ s
• UV Laser Marking of Wire Insulation Materials
• Navigating Supply Chain Challenges in Wire & Cable
• Wire Harness Manufacturing Automation Ideas in a Tight Labor Market
May June 2022

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By Joe Tito Wiring Harness News ___________________________


think we are pretty lucky in this industry . Beyond just the profit motivation , we all seem to be genuinely enamored with cutting , stripping , crimping , testing , and designing of wire harnesses and cable assemblies . It seems to captivate us in a very positive way . Get a few of us in a room and you ’ ll see . Maybe we ’ re all just crazy . If the latter is the case , then it ’ s contagious , and George Klus has it .
I came across George ’ s name through longtime acquaintance Norm Sagon at the WHMA conference in February . Norm came up to me and said he just started representing a company , and I really needed to talk to the owner . I ’ m glad he did , because George has a slightly different story than we ’ re used to reading on these pages . You see , George spent much of his professional career in the healthcare industry . He purchased MNSTAR , a harness manufacturing company in northern Minnesota , about 18 months ago . In a recent conference call , along with Tammy Wersal , Vice President of Operations at MNSTAR , we discussed what led George to purchase the company . We then pivoted to some specifics on MNSTAR .
“ My background is all healthcare ,” George informed . “ I did that as an executive and then as an entrepreneur owning my own business as a provider to the industry for 20 years .” After selling his business , he began consulting with people who were looking for a business venture , or just searching for their next opportunity . “ I discovered there were a lot of people with a lot of experience in manufacturing who were looking
Complex assembly work at MNSTAR .
for their next gig . When I listened to these folks talk , I became inspired by how excited they were about manufacturing ,” he told .
George became determined to harness his own energy and resources , along with these folks who were mostly in their 60 ’ s . “ I decided I would go out with some of them and start looking for manufacturing companies that I could purchase ,” he said . “ I could then bring in these folks with their years of experience .”
And so , about 24 months ago , George started looking at companies in various sectors of manufacturing . He made offers on several but ended up buying a harness business . “ I have fallen in love with wire harnesses ,” George exclaimed . “ I ’ m fascinated by
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Expanding Ultrasonic Applications in EV ’ s

Sources of applications for ultrasonic welding - TELSOCAR .
By Saeed Mogadam Telsonic Solutions ___________________________

Electromobility is now regarded as the key to climatefriendly driving practices because electric vehicles generate significantly less carbon dioxide per kilometer than vehicles with conventional combustion engines – especially in combination with electricity generated from renewable sources . At the same time , the energy storage systems used by electric vehicles can compensate for fluctuations in the electricity grid by means of wind and solar power , thereby supporting the expansion and market integration of these energy sources .

This presents new challenges for the automotive industry . These new challenges need to be addressed in an innovative manner . This also applies to the manufacturing technologies that are required for all aspects of electromobility , from lightweight body construction to the electrical and electronic components and battery production . Processes that use ultrasonics open interesting possibilities about quality and from an economic and ecological point of view . Ultrasonic-based processes and electric vehicles have much in common : Efficiency , performance capability , reliability , connectivity , and eco-friendliness are among the essential characteristics that they both possess .
The objective of this article is to introduce some of the breakthroughs in the automotive wire harness and battery manufacturing for both internal combustion engine vehicles and EV . The TELSOCAR image defines challenging applications with solutions that have now been implemented in manufacturing of high voltage terminations and batteries . We highlight metal welding applications of Telsonic ’ s PowerWheel ® and SONIQTWIST ® technology in this edition as a general introduction with more joining applications to be introduced later in future articles .
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