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as well as enhanced selection options :
• Operator , Manager , and Administrator levels for operation and access management .
• Alarm that prevents the welder from continuing after three consecutive failed welds .
Sonobond ’ s Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen
• Diagnostics for troubleshooting .
• On-screen manuals and help files .
• Alerts for maintenance .
• Selection of units of measurement .
• Six language selections .
Sonobond HMI large screen
Advanced HMI Videos Show Data-Driven Functions
We have produced two videos on our Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen . The “ Introductory Video ” gives a twominute summary of features . The five-minute “ Full Feature List Video ” provides descriptions of all the data-driven capabilities designed for greater specification success . See them at www . SonobondUltrasonics . com / hmi .
No Charge Welding Viability Tests
Sonobond offers nocharge , no-obligation metal welding viability tests using your own parts to produce sample welds . This will show you which model and tooling is best for your application , and how our Advanced HMI can ensure weld specifications are achieved . You can evaluate the results and confirm the quality of our process before placing an order .
A Track Record of Industry Leadership and Customer Service
Sonobond Ultrasonics is a worldwide leader in the application of ultrasonic bonding and welding technology . We have developed a comprehensive offering of innovative , qualityengineered products during our 60 + years of operation . We manufacture ultrasonic assembly equipment for leading firms in the aerospace , apparel , appliance , automotive , ballistics , battery , electrical , environmental , filtration , HVAC , medical and solar industries . Additionally , Sonobond employees have earned a positive reputation for providing exceptional customer service and outstanding technical support before , during and after equipment installation . We are committed to ensuring that our ultrasonic equipment is introduced swiftly and smoothly to any manufacturing operation