Wiring Harness News Jul-Aug 2022 - Page 6


Jack Dennehy Retires

After 50 years in the business , Jack Dennehy , Owner of Composite & Wire Machinery , has decided to retire . If you know Jack , you can probably guess he is not one to talk about himself . But after a fair amount of arm twisting , he acquiesced to spending a few minutes with me talking about his years in the industry .“ I had a couple key employees retire ,” Jack said , “ so after 50 years in the braiding industry , I decided to retire .” At 82 , Jack is as sharp and spry as ever and decided to finally pursue a more leisurely lifestyle .“ God has been good to me health wise , so I decided it was time to slow it down .”

Jack stopped taking new orders in May of 2021 . “ We still had a banner year ! We had those machines built and shipped out by October ,” he detailed . He has spent the past months winding down the business and is finally at a point where he can relax . “ I was very fortunate in that another company in town had their eye on my real estate for the last three years . They approached me when they found out I was going to wind it down and they bought the building . So , everything just kind of worked out lovely .”
Jack has kept his old phone number and email address and hopes to stay in contact with folks in the industry . He has decided to refer his customers to John Tomaz at Wardwell Braiding when they call him for parts or new equipment . “ I ’ ve always stuck with the New England design , so almost any parts for my machines they will be able to get from John .”
As a testimony to Jack ’ s hard work and attention to detail , one of his good customers bugged him to build them some machines late last year . “ They said , c ’ mon Jack … you must have some spare parts to build some machines . But I told them ‘ no , I ’ m done guys .’” Jack has a tremendous amount of respect for his loyal customers who made it all possible for him over the years . “ I was selling to the grandchildren of people I sold to back when I was with New England Butt ,” he recalled proudly .
Jack asked me to keep this short , so I will . I speak often about the class and dignity of folks in this industry , and Jack Dennehy is a wonderful example . I ’ m so honored to call him my friend , and so appreciative of the wisdom and knowledge he has shared . Join me in wishing him all the best in retirement .