Wiring Harness News Jul-Aug 2022 - Page 52

Lacing Tape Scissors Comfortable to Hold & Cuts Fast
An industrial-duty , ergonomic scissors that is designed for cutting lacing tape , cable jacketing , fiber and mesh insulation , other non-aramid fibers , and more has been introduced by Xuron Corp . of Saco , Maine .
The Xuron ® 440 Mini-Scissors is an ergonomic hand tool that is well suited for cutting lacing tape and other fibrous materials . Eliminating awkward conventional finger loops , these lightweight scissors have soft rubber hand grips with an internal return spring , and produces a clean , square cut .
Featuring precise cutting tips and the mechanical leverage found in pliers , the Xuron ® 440 Mini-Scissors cleanly cuts soft sheet metal up to 0.005 ” ( 0.1 mm ), soft plastic , and nonaramid fibers . This compact scissors is ideal for repetitive assembly and repair tasks .
The Xuron ® 440 Mini-Scissors is priced at $ 26.25 ( list ); made in the U . S . A . A complete product catalog and price list are available upon request .
For more information contact Xuron Corporation , 62 Industrial Park Rd , Saco , ME 04072-1840 . Visit www . xuron . com
Amphenol FCI ComboLock Wire-to-Board Connector System in Stock at TTI
TTI , Inc ., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components , announces the availability of the ComboLock Wire-to-Board Connector System from Amphenol FCI . This system is a modular , reliable and compact hybrid wire-to-board connector system that saves space and allows for simpler assembly and cable management . ComboLock Wire-to-Board Connectors feature a hybrid 1.00mm pitch signal and 3.00mm pitch power configuration with an active latching feature . These devices have a nominal current carrying capacity of 10A / pin maximum for power and 1.5A / pin maximum for signals where power wire sizes range from 26AWG to 18AWG and signal wire sizes from 30AWG to 24AWG .
Typical applications include consumer
, industrial and data solutions , to name a few . They are in stock and available today at TTI .
WireMasters Connects With Conesys as an Additional QPL-approved Value-add Distributor Partner
WireMasters is excited to announce a recent global partnership with California- based connector manufacturer , Aero-Electric Connector — A division of Conesys ( Aero-Electric ). WireMasters can now assemble Aero-Electric Mil-Spec connectors in their Mexicali , Mexico value-add connector facility .
As a category-C distributor for Aero- Electric , WireMasters is QPL approved to value-add the following connector product lines :
• MIL-DTL-38999 Series I , II , and III
• MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2
• MIL-DTL-83723
With the addition of this partnership , WireMasters now maintains more than $ 10M in component inventory onthe-shelf — ready to be assembled into mil-circular connectors and quickly shipped for your application .
WireMasters has built a strong reputation in the industry through service excellence for wire and cable . It was a natural evolution to broaden our product portfolio over the last few years to become a trusted source for everything in your harness . The WireMasters approach to service has led to an exponential increase in demand for valueadd connectors over the past twelve months . Adding Aero- Electric to our list of connector component suppliers for QPL-approved assembly is just one of many ways that we ’ re excited to meet the increased demand and to provide our customers with more options and shorter lead times for Mil- Spec connectors , stated WireMasters ’ VP of Supply Chain , Clint Mendinsky . Through this partnership , WireMasters
looks forward to providing customers a cost-effective and customizable connector offering that Aero-Electric can provide . With a common goal of superior quality and excellent service , WireMasters and Aero-Electric are destined for a successful partnership .
“ We are excited to have WireMasters as a Value-Add distributor of Aero- Electric connector product . WireMasters continues to strategically expand its product offering and solidify their position within their customer base , and we are thrilled to support this effort
and move forward together ,” stated Walter Neubauer , Jr ., CEO of Conesys , Inc .
For more information about connectors from WireMasters , contact your WireMasters Account Executive , call us at 855-WM-38999 ( 855-963-8999 ) or visit www . wiremasters . net
TactoTek ® licensee Nanogate is Ready for IMSE ® Manufacturing to Benefit Home Appliance , Consumer Electronics , Medical , and Automotive Markets
TactoTek , the global leader in developing and industrializing in-mold structural electronics ( IMSE ) technology , announces that its licensee , Nanogate , a leading global specialist for design-oriented high-tech surfaces and components , is ready to mass produce IMSE parts . Nanogate recently completed the IMSE Builder ® technology transfer and has verified IMSE manufacturing capabilities .
TactoTek ’ s IMSE Builder includes intellectual property rights , know-how , and instruction for IMSE manufacturing , testing , and quality assurance , as well as access to the database of TactoTekverified materials and components . TactoTek has a hands-on technology transfer process to ensure that licensees master IMSE manufacturing before undertaking production projects .
“ The transfer of IMSE manufacturing technology begins with in-person training using IMSE Builder documentation to increase general technology understanding , help adaptation to IMSE processes , materials , and testing , and prepares our licensees for manufacturing . Nanogate specialists worked alongside TactoTek employees on our IMSE production floor to provide real hands-on experience with IMSE manufacturing , testing , and QA ,” says Marko Suo-Anttila , SVP Professional Services TactoTek . “ The last technology transfer step was producing parts under serial conditions at Nanogate ’ s own facility at Fohnsdorf , the ‘ SKINLINE ’, to verify that their team had the skills and capabilities to succeed .”
Nanogate is part of the Techniplas Group and is globally known for producing high-quality , high-tech surfaces for home appliances , consumer electronics , medical , aviation , and automotive markets .
The Techniplas Group runs 28 sites worldwide with production , sales , and / or technology hubs and employs just under 4,000 staff members . The Austrian facility is the first factory ready for IMSE manufacturing .
According to Stefan Moitzi , General Manager of the Nanogate ‘ SKINLINE ’ facility at Fohnsdorf , “ TactoTek ’ s technology transfer process is very thorough and leaves nothing to chance — our team is confident in their ability to produce high-quality IMSE parts , having done so in both TactoTek ’ s factory and our own . We have strong demand across the markets that we serve to integrate electronic functions in a wide variety of high-quality cosmetic surfaces , and that ’ s a perfect fit with IMSE technology ; moreover , today ’ s increased emphasis on ease of sterilizing surfaces makes the seamless construction even more appealing .”
About TactoTek
TactoTek is the leading provider of Injection Molded Structural Electronics ( IMSE ) solutions that integrate printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection molded plastics . Leading IMSE use cases include humanmachine interfaces ( HMI ), connectivity , and electronic styling features for automotive , smart homes , appliances , and other markets . TactoTek develops and industrializes IMSE technology , creates mass production-ready IMSE prototypes , and licenses IMSE technology for 3rd party IMSE part design and global mass production .
TactoTek is funded by international leaders in finance and industry committed to advancing technology solutions that benefit consumers and the environment . TactoTek investors include 3M Ventures , Repsol Energy Ventures , Faurecia Ventures , Conor Venture Partners , Voima Ventures , Nordic Option Oy , Nidoco AB , and Cornes Technologies Limited . For more information , please visit www . tactotek . com .
About the Techniplas Group
Techniplas is a global supplier of sophisticated plastic components and design-focused , multifunctional surfaces that are primarily for the automotive sector , as well as the industrial , consumer goods , medical and other markets . The company ’ s products follow industry trends like weight reduction and vehicle electrification , innovative operating concepts , high-quality surface finishes , and an increasing focus on convenience and safety .
The company serves customers and platforms around the world , focusing on technological expertise and collaboration with customers in the fields of design and engineering .