Wiring Harness News Jul-Aug 2022 - Page 51

Wire Applicator Tooling Speeds Production and
Reduces Changeovers
Custom crimp applicator tooling for attaching electrical terminals to wire , producing the strongest mechanical connection with the highest electrical conductivity , is being introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Bradenton , FL . the frequency of changeovers .
Offering greater toughness and lubricity to produce high quality crimp connections and cut tooling costs , the ETCO Applicator Tooling coating exhibits a compressive strength of -1.3 / - 1.5 GPa and a 0.30-0.35 dry coefficient of friction against steel . The coating also reduces the need for sharpening and shimming by re-coating the same applicator tooling .
ETCO Applicator Tooling is priced according to customer requirements and price quotations are provided after receipt of prints .
Modular insert configurations include a wide range of high-density or hybrid electrical contacts , including solder , crimp , PCB straight or elbow , fibre , coax , thermocouple , pneumatic , fluidic or high voltage contacts . LE- MO ’ s proprietary keying system allows for a higher contact density while preventing mismating . This LEMO push pull connector series includes the family size range of 0B to 5B .
ETCO Applicator Tooling is custom manufactured from the highest quality tool steel to precisely match OEM electrical terminal attachment require-ments and features a specialty coating that improves wear resistance . Proven to extend tool life by up to 140 %, the coating allows the tooling to create a crimping slide without friction which increases production speeds and reduces
For more information contact : ETCO Incorporated , ( 800 ) 689- 3826 , www . etco . com .
Secure High-Density Push Pull Connector
PEI-Genesis offers LEMO ’ s B- Series push pull connector : a secure , push pull latching system with high-density panel spacing , 360 degree EMI shielding and quick mating or unmating .
This LEMO push pull connector series is designed for indoor or vacuum-tight applications , making it an ideal choice for test and measurement instrumentation , medical devices , research , audio / video and applications where a highly reliable , quickmating connector is needed .
PEI-Genesis ’ Value Add Services are available for the LEMO B-Series with rapid turnaround . Contact us today to discuss your next application .
For More information , contact PEI Genesis at Toll-Free : 866- 734-9111 . To order products , ecommerce @ peigenesis . com . For technical questions , techsupport @ peigenesis . com