Wiring Harness News Jul-Aug 2022 - Page 49

NEMA ratings and industrial enclosures
With an understanding of the most common NEMA ratings used in modern manufacturing , it ’ s important to also understand what we mean when we say industrial enclosures . Just as there is some confusion about the difference between IP and NEMA ratings , so too is confusion about what industrial enclosures , IT cabinets , and junction boxes actually are and how these different industrial housings function as part of an automated production process .
The biggest difference in discussing these different boxes or cabinets is the misinformation surrounding them . Any enclosure housing electrical or electronic components can be referred to as an industrial enclosure , so that would include junction boxes . However , IT cabinets are often misconstrued as industrial enclosures . Industrial refers more to the environment ( industrial factory vs . IT data center ) or the controls within ( industrial controls vs . IT equipment ). So , each of these terms refer to very different parts of your automation infrastructure and help manufacturers carry out very different tasks .
• Industrial enclosures house and protect the mission-critical industrial panels and control manufacturing components that help power , control , or protect ( switchgear ) a manufacturing operation . Often used interchangeably with electrical cabinets , industrial enclosures are used in a variety of production environments and must range in NEMA ratings based on the environment in which the enclosure is deployed . Designed and engineered for innovation , durability , and reliability , Rittal ’ s industrial enclosures solutions include small and compact , wallmount , modular , and unibody to meet a variety of NEMA rating
needs and industry applications .
• Junction boxes are a common element of an industrial automation infrastructure in that they house wire connections and protect these critical connections from environmental hazards that can have circuit faults , large-scale disruptions in production , and even fires . Rittal ’ s line of junction boxes are engineered for a wide range of industrial applications and NEMA standards to help manufacturers enclose wire connections with superior protection and durability .
• IT cabinets house and protect IT components such as Edge computing equipment designed to gather , sort , and store large
amounts of data manufacturers produce via their automated production sequences . Much like industrial enclosures , Rittal ’ s IT cabinets come in a variety of NEMA classifications to help manufacturers leverage data nearest the point of origin in a variety of industries and applications .
Many thanks to Rittal North America for providing this article . No matter your NEMA rating or type of enclosure need , Rittal ’ s innovative approach to design and engineering will help you leverage superior protection and safety in creating an industrial automation framework that promotes productivity , efficiency , and growth .