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Hybrid Connectors - More Than the Sum of Their Parts

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Versions for numerous applications
The CAT5 data element can be replaced by a 4-position unshielded signal element in applications that do not require a shielded data interface . For this reason , a connector is available with eight 1 mm signal contacts , which offers the same performance features as the power contacts . Currents up to 8 A per contact and a wire cross section up to 1.5 mm ² make it possible to implement applications for control electronics including hardware shutdowns . Signal contacts allow voltages of up to 500 V AC to be supplied , thanks to appropriate air clearances and creepage distances ( Figure 4 ).
Numerous housing designs are available both in terms of cabling and
Figure 3 . Space advantage : round hybrid connectors are compact and as a result save a great deal of space .
devices . Customer-specific designs , even entire system cabling options , are available . The user receives tested fully cables , even for high power and data rates .
Automation technology is advancing steadily , especially in relation to the Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT ). As part of this , large companies in the automation industry are opting to consistently network their products on the controller and communication level . Industrial applications , machines , and systems are equipped with intelligent control units and interfaces on an ever more regular basis . There is an enormous range of applications for M23 and M40 hybrid connectors , as this affects almost all areas of automation .
September 13-15 , 2022
Figure 4 . Transmission in the most confined space : featuring four contacts per signal ( top left and right ), data ( center ), as well as power ( bottom ), and + PE ( top ), the M40 hybrid connector allows for versatile use .
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