Wiring Harness News Jul-Aug 2022 - Page 45

Figure 2 . Fast-locking system : SPEEDCON locks cables and device connectors with just half a turn .
Higher system availability , lower costs
Hybrid connection technology does more than just reduce the space requirements on the device or in the control cabinet . Machine and system cabling has become much more organized , because it only requires routing a single cable . The resulting narrower cable routes also reduce the costs for the cable run and cable duct .
Hybrid system cabling also offers easy start-up and repairs for devices , machines , and system parts , as it reduces required connections by twothirds . For example , many machine and system builders carry out the startup process during in-house manufacturing . After successfully passing this test , the systems must be quickly and securely dismantled , packaged , and shipped , and then once again brought into operation by the end customer . A fast-locking connection system is particularly helpful in these cases . Just half of a turn reliably locks the cable connector system to its counterpiece . Devices can be connected quickly and reliably in this way with only two hand movements ( Figure 2 ).
More functionality , same size
The newest M40 hybrid connectors have a broad area of application . For example , for distributed servo drivers , some models implement a three-phase supply including L1- : 3 , N , PE signals as well as direct current supplies with up to 850 V DC . Connectors that use different codings and colored housing markings can help prevent incorrect insertion .
Easy , reliable assembly can be enabled by choosing models designed with larger , more robust contacts . Regardless of the connector size , variations that use four-position CAT5 elements for data transmission are great due to their compatibility with nearly all common bus systems and custom data interfaces .
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