Wiring Harness News Jul-Aug 2022 - Page 44


Hybrid Connectors - More Than the Sum of Their Parts

Gerhard Liewer , Product Marketing , Pluscon circular , Phoenix Contact ___________________________

Equipping machines , systems , and automation components with separate cables for signals , data , and power

is time consuming and costly . With more complex regulations and control tasks comes greater cabling complexity and , thus , a greater impact on the availability of the entire system . Hybrid connectors – for transmitting signals , data , and power over a single cable – offer a way out of this dilemma .
The versatile hybrid connectors are more than the sum of their parts : they provide a new level of flexibility when cabling highly automated systems . Along with the established application for cabling servo motors , M23 and M40 hybrid connectors are well-suited for a variety of sophisticated tasks .
Hybrid connectors for serial cabling
In frequency-controlled drive solutions , the circuit connecting the control cabinet to the engine still commonly uses a star distribution . Previously , almost all serial cabling
solutions were bus systems . Hybrid connector technology , now available in M40 size , can now be paired with hybrid servo cables . This makes it possible to implement serial communication with signals , data , and power . To do this , each device in the supply chain is equipped with two device connectors . One of these is equipped with pin contacts and the other with socket contacts . The connectors are based on the familiar servo motor design and combine suitable contacts for transmitting signals , data , and power in one housing . This makes hybrid connectors suitable for high voltages and currents .
Figure 1 . Intelligent solution : hybrid connectors simultaneously transmit signals , data , and power .