Wiring Harness News Jul-Aug 2022 - Page 35

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PTFE Extrusion of Wire and Cable and Tubing
1 . The free-flowing white powder is extruded using liquid organic extrusions aids like naphtha which wet the resin and turn it into a paste-like mixture . It is then chilled until it reaches the correct viscosity for extrusion .
2 . This paste-like mixture is preformed under light pressure into a tube and extruded by means of a ram extruder .
3 . At this point the PTFE insulation looks like string cheese
4 . The processes is complete by running the insulation and jackets through a sintering tower to the crystallization point at 700 ° F to 750 ° F Note : Due to the high processing temperature , PTFE must be extruded over silver-plated or nickel-plated wire .
Physical and Electrical Properties
• PTFE has reliable service at high and low temperatures , with outstanding high frequency electrical properties ; the maximum operating temperature for PTFEinsulated wire is typically 200 ° C for silver and 260 ° C for nickel
• It has resistance to solvents , hydraulic fluids and corrosive chemicals
• The dielectric constant is low and stable with changing frequency and temperature
• The low dissipation factor remains unchanged within a broad range of frequencies
• There are low-smoke , low flamespread characteristics and excellent flexibility with small bend radii
• PTFE has excellent resistance to damage during soldering
• It has a low coefficient of friction
Disadvantages of PTFE Wire and Cable and Tubing
• It is eight to 10 times the cost of PVC
• Lengths can be short due to the ram extrusion process , typically up to five lengths per reel
• It must be etched in order to terminate in an epoxy connector
• Etched wire has a relativity short shelf life
• Etched wire colors are muted
• It has cold-flow properties also known as “ creep ”
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