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Why Exhibit at M-EXPO - An Exhibitors Perspective

Several companies exhibiting at M-EXPO 2022 were interviewed for their insight regarding the upcoming show . You will learn about the importance of M- EXPO in this region through these interviews . Visit www . mexpowire . com to learn more .

Why is the M-EXPO show important to the wire harness industry ?
“ We have been serving manufacturers in Mexico for over 30 years and see tremendous opportunity to expand our service coverage and build business relationships with additional manufacturers ,” states Khoi Nguyen , Director of Marketing , LAPP Tannehill .
“ One thing I really like about M- EXPO is that it is very , very industryspecific . People are coming there to


Since 1911 , Wardwell has designed , engineered and built braiding and winding machines in Central Falls , Rhode Island . Today , we are a global leader in machine technology , supported by our Wilms partner companies .
The best built machine must be provided with high-level training so your team can get the most out of it . Plus , we all know things eventually wear and need replacement .
Finally , although our machines are built to last ( and they do ), technology is constantly evolving and a retrofit might be a smart move to keep your machines at peak performance .
We offer harness braiders from 16 Carrier through 72 Carrier in both vertical and horizontal configuration .
Contact Wardwell at 401-724-8800 or sales @ wardwell . com for help today . learn more about wire cutting , stripping , product wire management , crimping , and things like that are very specific . So , you know your audience is prequalified . Not everyone needs the parts and products that you offer but you know they are prequalified because they touch the things you represent and understand what you do . So , engagement there is a lot higher ,” states Jeff Barth , President and Founder , JWB Manufacturing .
“ The fact that we ’ re going there for the first time and making a presentation in Spanish designed to address the local population says that there is a need for that . Over the past six years at EWPTE , we saw a diversity of attendees coming from Europe , Canada , and Mexico . Unfortunately , due to COVID , we saw a lot less this year ,
Wardwell Braiding Co . 1211 High Street Central Falls Rhode Island , 02863

NEED TRAINING FOR NEW EMPLOYEES ? WE ’ LL DO IT . so I think holding a show in Mexico is very important to the industry to bring the message where it ’ s needed . Again , bringing solutions to a sector of the industry that may not be able to travel to the US ,” states John Tomaz , Wardwell Braiding .

Why is your company exhibiting at the upcoming M-EXPO Wire Processing Technology Expo on September 27-29 , 2022 ?
“ There ’ s more manufacturing of wire harnesses in Mexico than anywhere else , even the Americas . As a result , Mexico has a strong focus for harness manufacturing , and this is our new main focus for our software – manufacturing harnesses ,” states Fergus Kendall , CPO and Co-Founder , Cadonix , Inc .
“ More than ever , as leaders in our

NEED REPAIR OR RETROFIT WORK DONE ONSITE FOR YOUR OLD MACHINES ? WE ’ LL BE THERE . teams , companies , and industry , we need to prioritize the carving out precious time to step out of the dayto-day and look out ahead and ‘ out there ’ for both challenges and opportunities BEFORE they happen or pass us by .

Otherwise , we ’ ll always be in reactive mode with respect to change . While the Web and digital communications are great , Google can only do so much with providing in-depth , practical , real-world awareness of problems and solutions that may or may not be in our field of vision . You don ’ t know what you don ’ t know , and you can ’ t ‘ Google ’ what you ’ ve never heard of .
That is why M-EXPO is so important for our industry , as it sits at the crossroads ( figuratively AND geographically ) of what is happening in our industry . Bringing together like minds who are encountering problems that we may also be experiencing ( or that may be hiding right around the corner for us ), along with people who are at the forefront of solving these challenges with technologies , practices , and people resources that we may not be aware of . With all the uniqueness of our industry , the ROI from sending our thought leaders to
M-EXPO and engaging with other like-minded thought leaders is immeasurable ,” states Khoi Nguyen , Director of Marketing , LAPP Tannehill .
“ As I continue to expand my business and reach , I enjoy working with Mexican companies . Many of these companies are US-based and are either shoring or reshoring , so there are a lot of commonalities . I enjoy the value systems of the people in Mexico . In Mexico , it ’ s more relationshipbased than transactional-based . Networking is a big part because it is a very tight-knit industry , and I feel very comfortable going and talking with anyone about their business and my business . It ’ s a great networking thing ; you never know who you will meet and hear their challenges . Some people are nervous about sharing too much about their business , but that ’ s not me . I look for individuals who want to develop a deep relationship , not just a transactional one ,” states Jeff Barth , President and Founder , JWB Manufacturing .