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cutting all of the wire for a particular order at once , for example , it ’ s done in smaller batches . This enables InSource to be very flexible with respect to product changes and re-designs . “ One of the biggest benefits of the system is the customer can change anything they want because we ’ re manufacturing in smaller batches .”
That brings us to the February WHMA conference , and the recent EWPT Expo in Milwaukee where Larry and his crew were exhibiting . But they weren ’ t exhibiting the products from InSource . They were gauging the response to a new product from their newest business unit called JobFlow .
Like most manufacturers , In- Source has purchased a lot of equipment and experimented with different manufacturing strategies through the years . “ In every case we ’ ve been chasing the same thing : higher output efficiency ,” Larry contended . “ More specifically , how can we get more jobs completed with the resources we already have .”
In order to accomplish this goal , InSource has come up with many adaptations to existing products . Some of these innovations have been so successful , the company has decided to explore marketing them . One such product is their BraiderBot ( See page 1 ). It ’ s an add-on for common harness braiders that allows a single worker to run multiple braiders at once , thus removing a lot of the repetitive boredom from the job . Its robotic arms allow it to be operate hands-free on straight runs . Built-in sensors make sure there ’ s a perfect cone angle for clean consistent braids . Other sensors watch for , and automatically stop , at branches and termination points . For a quick look at this product , go to the YouTube search box and enter BraiderBot .
InSource has traditionally maintained three separate business units , those being Electronics , Refrigeration , and Wire Harness units . JobFlow will join them as the fourth unit . Each unit shares the functions of sales administration and finance , but they all have their own engineering , quality and production teams .
InSource is a family-owned business , but Larry and the management team seek to deemphasize that .“ We like to look at the whole company as a family ,” he stressed . “ We work with our employees so they can take time off when they need and can have hours that work best with their family needs . That ’ s something that we ’ ve always tried to maintain ; that we care about these people and we think of them as the InSource family . We have a great deal of loyalty with our customers . The community thinks highly of us , and that is certainly our desire .