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months before you can launch into the next cycle . You can ’ t miss the target no matter what ,” he implored . “ We didn ’ t get into building circuit boards for ourselves based on cost , even though we were able to keep that margin . It was because we needed the parts when we needed them .”
Larry described some of the other technology enhancements the company made along the way to further their position as a crucial supplier to their customers . Among the most significant were the addition of automated crimping stations , laser etching of connectors , overmolding capability , and braided looming of harnesses . These enhancements greatly increased the companies design options and consistency . “ We were also one of the first to go with ultrasonic splicing in the markets we serve . At that point it wasn ’ t even a UL recognized connection , but we were able to work with them and demonstrate that if you ultrasonically splice wires and put heat shrink over them , it ’ s as good or better than a butt connector .”
InSource developed a rather innovative solution in their overmolding process to help keep their customers tooling costs to a minimum . They actually designed a modular system that has three interchangeable sets of two-piece
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