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Sealing Electronics With Vacuum Impregnation

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Vacuum impregnation permanently seals the leak path , and the sealant will last the part ’ s life .
2 . Prevent Corrosion : From either oxidation or galvanization , corrosion reduces current-carrying capacity and causes part failure . Vacuum impregnation prevents corrosion by sealing the leak path that oxygen and moisture can follow .
3 . Enable Design Freedom : Vacuum impregnation does not change the part ’ s dimensions , allowing engineers to design and make parts to the net shape . Since the process does not leave any sealant on the surface , an engineer does not need to incorporate dimensional allowance .
Vacuum impregnation seals parts that may otherwise have been scrapped . The process ensures the part quality and helps ensure profitability .
In Summary
The surge in electronics has made porosity sealing crucial . Properly sealing the porosity ensures the component ’ s quality meets its performance requirements . Vacuum impregnation is the most effective solution for sealing leak paths and preventing corrosion while enabling design freedom .
Many thanks to Andrew Marin of Godfrey & Wing for helping compile this article . Godfrey & Wing markets equipment , resins and other peripherals for companies who wish to engage in this game-changing technology for their OEM customers . They can also perform vacuum impregnation as a custom service to harness manufacturers who wish to offer this technology .