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Top 10 Tips : Successful Manufacturers Get Things Done

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to get done seldom gets assigned to a person with a track record of managing never ending projects that seem to go on and on , they get assigned to people trusted to deliver an outcome . Without even deliberately knowing they delegate tasks in this way , they do . The truly busy people get assigned the important tasks because the expectation is that they will get the task done , while the routinely busy people have a knack for keeping visibly busy ( and therefor important ) by keeping projects open and problems unresolved . Truly busy people know how to delegate , when

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to stay out of the way , and when to roll up their sleeves and just do it themselves . Their focus is getting the important tasks done and making themselves less busy . Routinely busy people are looking to remain busy ( or important ), and often without knowing they are doing it , they keep tasks open and keep themselves positioned as a critical communications conduit ; they resist closing the task out to get assigned another task , or worse ( in their minds ), have no important task assigned to them . Truly busy people don ’ t have this aversion , because as soon as they have any bandwidth at all , other important
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Let ‘ s develop your ultrasonic welding solution : www . herrmannultrasonics . com tasks are assigned ( or reassigned ) to them . What I ’ ve observed over the last 4 decades is that most progressive company and department leaders already instinctively know this , they just aren ’ t aware of it . The key is to not burn out your truly busy people , but instead , let them graduate up the ranks as they succeed , confident that there is another high achieving candidate ready to follow their lead and fill their shoes .
The second tip comes from someone I was also on a board with . We faced many challenging situations together , some big , some small . His closing mantra was “ leaders find a way .”
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And indeed , they do . The leader is not the person with the position or title , or the education , or the letters behind their name . The leader is simply the person that finds a way when others don ’ t or can ’ t . In all of our workplaces , there are many people that can point out the reasons why something can ’ t get done , and in fact , we often admire , empower , and even promote individuals that have great abilities to foresee or articulate problems that others can ’ t see . But how does that get a company ahead ? At best , it keeps the company from going backwards - but it doesn ’ t pull the company forward . Not going backwards does not equal going forward . Many managers are to some degree inclined to keep companies from going backwards , but leaders are more often inclined to find a way forward . There are leaders in every organization , in roles up and down the org chart . In the most successful organizations I have encountered , the people that find a way ( leaders ) are supported , encouraged , and appreciated . In less successful organizations , the folks that have a knack of finding a way become discouraged and move on . If a leader ’ s true role is to develop new leaders , the company ’ s culture will foster and encourage its people to imagine , plan and persist - to find ways to move forward , and not just prevent ways of moving backwards .
This is a key differentiator that I ’ ve observed that sets succeeding and thriving manufacturers apart : they build on the people that take them forward . As they empower , enable and grow those people , they build their businesses .
Who are those people in your organization - the ones that find a way and get things done ? Are you building on them ?
Feel free to send me a note at Hogendoorn . paul @ gmail . com if you have tips to share . We are in this together !