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Zuken Accelerates its Drive to Expand the Model-Based Systems Engineering Business
Zuken Inc . ( Yokohama-shi , Japan ) announced that it has formed a new R & D unit in Japan . In the United States it has appointed a new COO of Zuken Vitech Inc ., with the aim of enhancing support for customers that intend to transform their product development process through the introduction of model-based systems engineering ( MBSE ).
“ As products become increasingly complex , we see our customers and the broader market moving towards Digital Engineering and MBSE-based solutions ,” said Jinya Katsube , President and COO of Zuken Inc . “ Zuken is committed to delivering forward-looking , innovative solutions . Our newly formed Process Innovation Development Department , in collaboration with Zuken Vitech , will anticipate customer needs now and well into the future .”
MBSE has proven effective in developing extensive and complicated systems such as aerospace , aircraft , and the automobile industries . The challenge many product development companies face today is not just introducing MBSE but bridging MBSE into a digital engineeringbased design process afterward . Zuken is uniquely positioned to offer both MBSE and detailed design solutions for electrical and electronic systems . Combining these disciplines enables customers to produce better product definition and communication , leading to fewer design errors and improved traceability .
Responding to the needs of our customers , Zuken has established the Process Innovation Development Department , a specialized development team under the Technology Division . This newly formed department will assist the Process Innovation Promotion Department , which has been responsible for business development in the fields of MBSE and systems engineering in Japan . The department will enable Zuken to work closely with Zuken Vitech to expedite efforts to develop application software and utilities linked to the GENESYS modeling tool , and interfaces with existing Zuken products .
At the same time , Zuken appointed Enrique Krajmalnik , who joined Zuken USA Inc . from No Magic , Inc . in September 2020 , as the Chief Operating Officer ( COO ) of Zuken Vitech . Together with David Long , President of Zuken Vitech , the new COO will take the lead in business development in the advanced MBSE market that is the U . S ., and in bolstering product planning for the global market through development collaboration between Japan and the U . S .
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About Zuken
Zuken is a global software company delivering electrical and electronic design solutions . Founded in 1976 , Zuken has a consistent track record of technology innovation and financial stability in the electronic and electrical design automation ( EDA ) industry .
With its CR-8000 and E3 . series product families , Zuken provides a robust lineup of systemlevel 2D / 3D electrical and electronic toolsets complemented by comprehensive design data and configuration management capabilities .
Most recently , Zuken has embraced the digital transformation and , more specifically , digital engineering as the way forward with its entry into the Model-Based Systems Engineering ( MBSE ) industry . Today , Zuken delivers worldclass design solutions combining MBSE products and services with a mature , proven electrical and electronic design suite to address the needs of a broad range of industries across the globe .
For more information about the company and its products , visit www . zuken . com , www . zuken . com / blog , or www . linkedin . com / company / zuken