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The Benefits of Overmolded Assemblies

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Multi-Colored BNC ’ s
Cable overmolds also make it possible to choose color options that can do one of the following :
• Match a company ’ s branding
• Blend the cable into the product
• Provide a more professional finish vs . glanded and / or heat shrink solutions
• Differentiate between cables
Products can be made more aesthetically pleasing by using tooling that includes corporate logos or trade names . Customization also involves the connector style used : an overmolded cable assembly can be specified to match a specific connector shape needed , such as circular , D-Sub , USB , and others .
Benefit # 3 : Quick Yields
A customized overmolded cable assembly does not mean a long turnaround time , even if a significant quantity is needed . Through 3D printing , prototype models of the mold can be created both quickly and cost-effectively while ensuring that the overmold meets the application requirements prior to hard tooling . Once the overmold has been approved , the manufacturing process can produce large quantities at a relatively low cost . This is due , in part , to the combination of a vertical molding press with a rotary table that allows multiple molds to run on the same machine simultaneously .
Overmolded Cable Assemblies for a Variety of Applications
Understanding the appropriate place and time to use overmolded cable assemblies in your application can make the difference between success and failure . Designers looking to capitalize on the key benefits of overmolded cables will be able to take advantage of these connectors ’ durability , strength , customizability , and short turnaround times in applications that depend on these features for a successful buildout .
About PEI-Genesis
Whether your application involves harsh environment RJ45 connectors for use in transmitting data for oil field applications or high-performance circular connectors for factory automation , PEI-Genesis can help . From specifying the right connector , choosing the most appropriate contacts , setting up custom packaging or kitting , and selecting the best connection method , our experts are ready to help you bring your designs into the realm of reality .