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Cut Cleaner and Easier with Xuron ® Model 2275 Cable Tie Cutter

• Micro-Shear ® Flush Cutting action leaves a flat end on the cut cable tie with no pinch or spike
• Cutting capacity up to 1 / 2 inch ( 7mm ) wide plastic cable tie
• Return spring brings tool back to open position after each cut
• Handles are shaped and sized for comfort and control
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Altering Design Parameters to Strip Fluoropolymer Cable Jackets

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Figure 2 . Hi-Temperature Rip Cord
Figure 3 . Hi-Temperature Tape
* Draw Down Ratio in a tubular die is defined as the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the annular die opening to the cross-sectional area of the finished insulation . In the case of wire , it ’ s the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the extruded plastic melt to the cross sectional area of the plastic in its final product form , be it a tube , hose or insulation on a core , such
as a wire or cable . It is the extent to which the plastic has been reduced in size to make the part . A larger DDR enables faster production rates , while a lower DDR facilitates more precise control of the product dimensions . A low draw down ratio process is more stable than a high one .
** Draw Ratio Balance describes the balance between the rate the outside of the cone draws down , and the rate the inside of the cone draws down . Most products made by drawing a plastic melt are smaller in cross sectional area than the tooling gap .
About AEROSPACE Wire & Cable
AEROSPACE is a privately owned manufacturer of high temperature , custom designed wire & cable . They can design and manufacture cables to precise specifications . The manufacturing and engineering team has over 40 years combined experience in cable design and production . And can tailor your cables to fit your specific application .
AEROSPACE Wire & Cable provides specialty products for aerospace , communications , computers , automotive , steel & paper mills , petrochemical plants , public utilities , nuclear power plants , mining and defense . Their selection of premium materials allows for reduced diameters with superior electrical performance or data transmission at a wide temperature range . Check them out at www . aerospacewire . com , or call them directly at 800-395-0200 .