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CVG ’ s Global Wire Harness Group

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the customers we are targeting but we always have an open pipeline to listen and see if we can help them with a solution . I try to look at the potential business and say , ‘ how can we solve the problem ’ instead of ‘ do they need a harness .’”
This strategy also led CVG into junction box builds . “ We are moving up the technology spectrum . We started with low-voltage applications , moved into full-service low and high voltage , and then into junction boxes , so you can see we are moving up the ladder ,” he stated . The junction boxes CVG had provided thus far had consisted of mostly passive components , but they are working on one now with some active components where they are programming software . This highlights another way the company is growing upward and outward from a technology perspective .
CVG realized they would need a specialized engineering team to meet these aspirations . The company is establishing an engineering or ideation center on the west coast and is staffing it with some of the best creative
minds in the industry . This will enable CVG to handle a lot of the highvoltage requirements that seem to be centered on the west coast while making sure they can support all of their customers ’ engineering needs . “ I ’ m pretty excited about that because , right now , the only thing limiting us is our imagination , and the ideation center continues to increase our profile and value to our customers .”
The conversation turned to ways CVG is actively marketing their business . “ About two years ago , we put together a marketing plan where we determined which segments of the market we anticipated growing . We looked at who the major players were in those spaces , then specifically targeted certain customers ,” Rich laid out . Then , it was a matter of explaining our value proposition and how we can be a solution provider in the targeted markets . “
Multiple Digital Board Setup
Rich is very excited about CVG ’ s approach to their business . Even previous to joining the company , he recognized that traditional wire and cable and electronic subassembly manufacturers waited until the print was done to get involved . CVG is focused on being at the forefront of this to help its customers . The combination of a multifaceted engineering , global footprint , global procurement and error proof manufacturing process make CVG a company that is situated to make this happen for many industries .
CVG is already well established as a world class supplier . Under the guidance of Rich and other leadership team colleagues , they are staking their claim as an industry problem solver . Recent investments in technology and engineering personnel , coupled with CVG ’ s open approach to customer problems , is giving them the edge among their competitors .