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boards have greatly enhanced CVG ’ s efficiency . “ We can go right from our CAD software to the digital boards so it really helps with data migration and the speed in which we can deploy products into the marketplace .”
The use of digital boards is not unique to CVG , so Rich was happy to share images of them . The ‘ secret sauce ’, as he referred to it , is really the software they developed internally . “ We believe it gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace as it allows for speed , execution and cost reduction ( tooling cost and tool changeover ),” he detailed . “ We are actually converting the entire Mexico facility to digital boards ; the return is very favorable .”
Rich echoed what we always seem to hear in our industry — that the harness is often the last thing OEMs think about . But he sees this as an opportunity for CVG to jump in when the customer begins to realize the complexities in harness design . “ It doesn ’ t sound very complicated from 10 steps back , but the devil is always in the detail as the harness touches everything .”
Our interview took place just before Wiring Harness News ’ participation in The Battery Show , so the EV market was top of mind . “ We looked at what ’ s going on in that space , and there are a lot of fantastic opportunities where we are partnering with new customers ,” Rich stated . CVG is currently working on an EV bus application , as well as EV last-mile delivery and commercial long-haul vehicles .
As some of this business is coming from municipalities funded by taxpayer dollars , CVG is repurposing a facility in the US to handle the domestic requirements . This facility is being set up as a complement to the Agua Prieta plant , with CVG initially using about 15,000 of the 60,000 square feet of available space . “ We are bringing in high-voltage processing equipment , some light stamping and forming machines for bus bars and junction boxes , and high-voltage test equipment ,” he listed . Many other capabilities are coming into that plant to facilitate the vertical and horizontal expansion of the company ’ s vision .
In addition to some specific new aerospace applications , Rich was also excited to talk about recent opportunities they have for autonomous material handling equipment . He mentioned they are also working on some medical applications , but laments that the sales cycle is a bit longer there than in other markets . “ We ’ ve been prescriptive so far with
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