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CVG ’ s Global Wire Harness Group

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as a build-to-print manufacturer , and we wanted to change that into something that provided more value and fun .”
The ‘ new place ’ that Rich is referring to is the transformation of CVG ‘ s harness group from a contract manufacturer into a full-service , design-tobuild supplier . For the trucking industry , this meant more than just building a harness . CVG ’ s vision was to take drawings of the OEM electrical components and design a harness within the physical constricts of the vehicle . “ With our new value proposition , we design and can release to the customer ’ s CAD / engineering systems . This allows us to be a true integrated partner with our
Digital boards in action . customers ,” he stated .
Although ‘ commercial vehicle ’ is in their name , the company has also laid out an enhanced path for CVG beyond the trucking industry . Rich explained that the time is right to push even further into other markets .
“ There are standards you have to worry about , and some unique specifications , but basically the process is well known to us ,” he instructed . “ There are many start-ups and other OEMs who haven ’ t invested in the resources to develop the electrical harnesses . Many have decided not to invest in those tools , and we have the expertise to bring their products to market .”
When Rich came on board , he quickly got to work putting the pieces in place .“ We brought in a sales group that had the technical competence , we brought in an engineering team , and also made the investment in equipment that would allow us to move quicker and handle complexity more effectively . Under this structure , as a company , we are much more agile .“
Understanding the need for the company to be quicker to market with a focus on service , CVG streamlined the quoting process and brought in some contemporary production tools . “ Another thing we did to increase our speed to market is we set up a prototype center in our Agua Prieta facility where we can do quick turnarounds , usually in 24 to 48 hours .”
One of the most productive investments CVG heralded was the use of digital boards . “ These are very large LCD screens with fixtures for routing the wires on suction cups that go right on the screens ,” Rich described . The LCD screens replace traditional harness boards , and several can be strung together for larger harnesses . “ And the boards are smart in that they actually have videos embedded on the screen that can explain to the operator what goes where , a tutorial on special taping processes , or answers to other questions the operator may have .” The digital