Wiring Harnes News Nov-Dec 2021 - Page 21

eSPDM Module
er modules to pick up the slack and help control critical systems at minimally functioning levels .
There are actually two additional levels of safety / protection offered by the eSPDM . “ We have software that allows us to look at overcurrent , overvoltage or overtemperature type conditions on all circuits that we are powering , both inputs and outputs ,” Michael conveyed . This detection happens in less than a microsecond . “ So , we can actually detect a short before the wire even heats up ,” he informed .
The next level of protection is with a cascade option that is configurable with over 20 flexible parameters for each channel individually . “ In addition , it also tracks data , so it measures input voltage output voltage the load current temperature and it ’ s all communicable over a CAN bus or LIN bus ,” he detailed .
Michael described the typical architecture for automotive applications of the eSPDM in more detail . “ Basically , you have a flat bus bar that is form-fitted to the floor pan of the vehicle , and that ’ s where it gets its positive power from . Of course , the negative return is to the vehicle chassis , but we can also run a negative bus bar if the body is fully composite .”
Once installed , the eSPDM can actually configure itself to the entire electrical system . “ Basically , you can install it in a vehicle or system , and it says , ‘ ok , circuit 13 is the headlight .’ It will recognize the characteristics of the component , adjust the circuits to accommodate it , and repeat that function to map out programing for all the circuits ” Michael explained . “ We can even gang channels together and put them in parallel to provide more amperage to power a starter , for example .”
It was no surprise we ran into Michael at the Battery Show . With many EV platforms in development , he is hoping to get the technology specified in the development stage . He is confident that as the eSPDM enters service in newly developed EVs , the legacy manufacturers will recognize the viability of the technology and embrace it . He was very excited to mention the eSPDM will be in production on the new EV Volcon ATV vehicles , and they have others lined up as well .
The exciting thing for our industry is that open-source units will be available off-the-shelf for companies . Anyone on the ground floor in development of autonomous vehicles , robotic systems , or any complex electrical system can integrate a smart wiring system to improve functionality and reduce costs for their customer . “ We tend to think automotive because we are , at our core , an automotive supplier . But really , anything that switches power is an application .”
Martin Technologies sees a clear path for eSPDM , and Michael is excited about its implications for traditional harnesses and electrical wiring systems . “ I think that , as an industry , we need to keep evolving with technology , and anywhere we can put advanced technology to work that increases reliability , reduces maintenance , reduces failure and adds to safety , then why not do it .”



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