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New Technology for Smart Wiring Systems

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ing in Israeli military aircraft and armored land vehicles .
The eSPDM is a smart wiring system technology consisting of electronic power distribution modules
( Fig . 1 ). It has six channels with up to 13 amps per channel . “ You can think of it as kind of a neural network instead of a wire harness ,” Michael described . Onboard programing performs the function of switches , relays , actuators , circuit breakers and
Figure 1 . Basic Schematic of eSPDM .
other legacy system controls . These modules perform all the signal and power functions of a large wire harness . They are connected by a central bus bar for power and typically use a single wire for signal transfer . “ Your headlight switch no longer has to go all the way up to the headlights ,” Michael said . “ Now it goes to a module and then the module communicates to the other module and says , ‘ hey turn the headlights on .’”
Instead of having large harnesses throughout the vehicle , you have the eSPDM modules connected by fewer , much smaller , milliamp wires . Martin Technologies also developed an encrypted communication method that can actually send signals over the power cabling ( bus bar ) at different frequencies and wavelengths to further reduce wiring .
The system is all solid-state and has a wide voltage range of 5V up to 60V DC . Initial applications have been mostly with low-voltage , but the eSPDM ’ s is also adding high-voltage power for EV systems . “ We have a high voltage daughter board that plugs on top of the eSPDM to control up to 800V power distribution systems for EVs .”
Michael see ’ s the eSPDM as a way to integrate old and new technologies . “ You ’ re still going to have wires ; they will just be smaller . And now you can use a ribbon cable and even printed circuits instead of wrapped bundles of wire ,” he instructed . This makes it much easier to route wires through the vehicle , airframe or machine apparatus . “ It also gives us the opportunity to use composite body panels and use the chassis as a printed circuit board .”
The eSPDM also brings many new safety redundancies to the electrical system . Even if there is a fault in one module , or there is damage from an accident , there is a way for the oth-