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New Partnership Helps Supply Chain Issues for Backshells , Battery Lugs , and Related Components

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ever been the source for line-down issues across their customer bases .
“ When COVID affected global supply chains , we were still able to supply our customers with everything they needed because of our standard and the relationships we have ,” Jeff Gross , Vice President of Operations at Eurotech , explained .
Intercable Automotive History
Founded in 1972 with an expertise in the processing of plastics , Intercable has been developing and producing cable protection systems for the automotive industry since the early 1990s . In those early days , the company was a Tier 3 supplier . Through extensive product development and focus on customer support , the company has established itself as a solid Tier 1 supplier . Headquartered in South Tyrol , Italy , Intercable now has plants in Slovakia and China . They are a vital supplier of high-current components for e-mobility .
With many years experience in processing thermoplastics , Intercable ’ s cable protection systems are found in almost all car brands . They develop and produces components for trucks , agriculture , and special purpose vehicles . The company also produces a vast array of fasteners , clips , connectors , molded parts for cable protection systems , and , cable ducts .
The addition of connection systems , and specifically backshell components , to the product range has proved to be of great value to Intercable ’ s customers , especially with today ’ s dire supply chain issues . In addition to backshells , the company also produces fastening clips , battery clamps , ring terminals and manifolds to provide strain relief for the branching of wires using conduit .
Great Fit With Eurotech
Eurotech is a leading distributor of engineered products used in the North American automotive and commercial vehicle industries . They are a key supplier of products to support electrical wiring systems with extensive experience in the NAFTA automotive market . Their strength lies in a growing and technically capable sales force , offering wide representation in the North American and international markets . With an extensive knowledge of industry standards , Eurotech has established a comprehensive array of testing capabilities
Partnership Promises Supply Chain Reliability
Eurotech and Intercable firmly believe that this new distributor partnership will bring a sustainable , reliable supply chain for backshells , bus bars , battery lugs and plastic parts to the domestic automotive market . In light of the many companies that have left the market , Eurotech and Intercable are confident that this new relationship fills an essential space , allowing OEMs improved visibility of their supply chains and the elimination of issues related to these products . “ Eurotech was built on excellent customer service and the quality of our product portfolio . Eurotech ’ s team and the organizations we ’ ve chosen to partner with reflect the same standard we use for customer service and quality ,” Gross asserted .
For more information , contact Eurotech at : EuroSales @ eurotechdirect . com or + 1-330-467-0205 .


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