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November December 2021

Company Profile : CVG ’ s Global Wire Harness Group

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From its beginnings , CVG

( Commercial Vehicle Group ,
Inc .) was assembled as a company that provides a vast array of products to commercial vehicle OEMs . Headquartered in New Albany , Ohio , CVG is a global provider of components and assemblies into two primary end markets – the global vehicle market and the U . S . technology integrator markets . The company provides components and assemblies to global vehicle companies to build original equipment and provides aftermarket products for fleet owners . They also provide mechanical assemblies to warehouse automation integrators and to U . S . military technology integrators . CVG has built a rather extensive array of products and systems meeting the worldwide needs for trucking , construction , military , bus , agriculture and other specialty transportation markets . They produce everything from trim components to headliner systems , structural components , mirror and wiper systems and , of course , electrical wiring systems . Wiring Harness News recently spoke with Rich Tajer , Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Global Wire Harness Group .
“ If you look at some of the major commercial truck manufacturers , you will see our seats and many of our cabin assemblies , wipers and structural components ,” Rich stated . He explained that the Wire Harness Group was created through the acquisition of two specialty harness companies in the early 2000s , Monona Wire and the later acquisition of

Partnership Helps Supply Chain Issues With Components


new partnership is helping solve supply problems for backshells , battery lugs , and related components .
Intercable , a prominent global manufacturer of backshells , bus bars , battery lugs and plastic parts , is partnering with distributor Eurotech Direct to bring a sustainable reliable supply chain for these high-demand components to the domestic automotive market .
Recently a large portion of the backshell / adapter market became unavailable after Schlemmer , a former manufacturer of these components , claimed bankruptcy . The partnership between Eurotech and Intercable aims to fill the space left by the Schlemmer departure .
The partnership will offer these components at what the companies believe to be competitive global pricing . Full expert technical support will be available across multiple time zones from Eurotech . The partnership also promises consistency of supply for these components as neither has
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Rich Tajer , Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Global Wire Harness Group .
By Joe Tito Wiring Harness News ___________________________
PEKM in the Czech Republic and the Ukraine . Monona had a North American footprint with the main manufacturing facility in Agua Prieta , Mexico , just over the border from Douglas , AZ . Both companies fit into CVG ’ s growth model as each brought unique strengths to the table .
“ For Monona , it was a chance to diversify because they really weren ’ t in the trucking business at all ,” Rich explained . “ We were very strong in the construction and agriculture market , so we were used to even lower volume and higher complexity than commercial trucking .” PEKM was already well established in the passenger vehicle industry , with a major European OEM as their main customer . This offered CVG a good blend of manufacturing capabilities to build upon .
Rich actually joined the company in 2019 with a solid understanding of electrical systems and high voltage systems from a global perspective . “ I came here from a large electrical system automotive supplier where I lead a $ 1B electronics and specialty wiring systems group , with the intent on taking CVG to a new place ,” he informed . “ Our heritage has been
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New Technology for Smart Wiring Systems

It ’ s unlikely wiring systems will ever be totally displaced by technology .

Whether it ’ s automotive , specialty transportation , military , or aerospace , innovation tends to enhance the critical nature of wiring systems . But because of weight and cost constraints , there is always a push towards technology to eliminate wire from vehicles and airframes .
One such technology was revealed to Wiring Harness News at The Battery Show in Novi Michigan this past September . Martin Technologies announced their new Electronic Smart Power Distribution Module ( eSPDM ) earlier that week . WHN had a detailed discussion with Michael Van Steenburg , Global CTO at Martin Technologies , about the company , the product development story , and how the new technology works .
Martin Technologies is deeply involved in the engineering , development and manufacturing of components for vehicle electrification in the automotive , aerospace , defense and marine sectors . “ Our founder , Harold Martin , began as a GM engineer and helped develop the Cadillac Northstar 32-valve engine along with about 20 other engines from a clean sheet of paper , and has 10 world patents to his credit ,” Michael revealed . Coming from a successful history in drag racing , they most recently were chosen to build all the harnesses for the Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak .
The company has developed wire harnesses for years in the transportation field , working with other companies like Amphenol in both low and high voltage programs . With all of their varied accomplishments , Martin Technologies was awarded a grant to work with an Israeli defense company to develop an electronic smart power distribution module . The first iteration was proven in various military applications . It ’ s already operat-
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