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Rosendahl’s Smart Line Control System RIO Get a complete overview of plant processes in real time Information determines our success on the market. And the right information consists in collecting, organizing and preparing it on a regular basis in order to subsequently draw conclusions and take the appropriate measures. In principle, that sounds pretty easy. After all, each of us already does that during a normal day at work. What is becoming more and more important nowadays, though, is that this process function in an analogue and automated fashion. And even better: You no longer have to retrieve the relevant information, since it is now made available to you. That is the new premise according to which Rosendahl Nextrom now design their production solutions. The so-called “Smart Factory” is already becoming a reality to them. In addition, smart package Add-ons for consumption measurement, extruder screw identification marking and integration in ERP/MES-systems are available. . Features: • RIO (Rosendahl Integrated Operation System) is their solution that meets precisely these requirements and automatically organizes and makes • information available. • Here, the information about your production is automatically collected, aggregated, saved locally or optionally via a cloud, analyzed, reported and • lastly optimized. For instance, each reel produced has its own special ID, which makes direct access to • its data possible. From the process parameters and production times all the way to the machine operator, • all the information about a reel can be read. The advantage is that you can automatically access information about production performance, quality reports, reel protocols, error message-related statistics, energy reports, OEE figures etc. • Ready to use reports e.g. OEE, energy, quality and reel protocols Real-time and historical data trends and reports Integration in Microsoft Office® via Excel® and Word® add-ins Data storage in a highly secure cloud environment Mobile reporting and analysis Ability to use 3rd party Software Tools e.g. MS PowerBI Plant data and reports directly to mobile devices anywhere, anytime and from any device www.rosendahlnextrom.com WIRE NEWS September 2019 9