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» the XM Series Handheld CMM for easy 3D and GD&T measurement. By early 2019, they were busy measuring parts with both. For the triangular clip mentioned earlier, he says the IM is not only significantly faster than the previous inspection method, but much more accurate as well. transfer one of Gamma’s CNC machine operators from the shop floor to quality control to begin training him as an inspector; while the would-be QC technician operates the inspection systems, his more experienced colleagues are now free to work on the shop’s larger parts. “We can check a complete part in just a couple “The programming is super easy, the software has a minutes now, and measuring the holes literally takes bunch of different measuring routines, and there’s just a few seconds,” he says. “There’s no need to align even an import function, so we can pull in CAD the part, no fixture, we just set the part or even files and use them as a starting point,” he says. multiple parts on the stage and push the button. The “For this workpiece in particular, it’s been a huge KEYENCE goes out and finds whatever’s on the stage, improvement, but the KEYENCE units quite simply identifies a pre-defined key feature, electronically rock. To be honest, I was a little worried at first orients the part, and gets measuring. The dimensions about throwing new technology into our equipment are recorded automatically, and as long as you can tell mix, especially considering how much we’ve always the difference between a green light and a red one, relied on our conventional CMMs, but everyone in anyone can operate it.” the department took right to it. Now they just love KEYENCE.” The team has programmed dozens of other parts since the IM and XM’s arrival. Since the KEYENCE units are so easy to use, Jackson was able to . 6 WIRE NEWS September 2019