WIRE NEWS WN September 2019 - Page 19

Rosendahl Nextrom at IWCS 2019 This year we are presenting the latest developments in manufacturing solutions for fibers, fiber optic cables and cable & wire production lines. Recent developments and the continuous improvement of our RD-A LAN core insulation lines provide the basis for excellent cable performance up to Cat 8 requirements. RD-A inline insulation lines provide excellent core geometry, perfect and repeatable foam control as well as inline quality control with minimized scrap, which helps to meet the challenging specifications. The perfect solution for high-speed and excellent- quality production is provided by high-performance extrusion, complemented by RMFC mass flow controllers and RGIV gas valves, together with the RIO line control. Fiber optic cables are demanding smaller outer diameters and at the same time the fiber density is getting higher and higher. We are focusing on FOC production line configurations and applications to meet these demands. Our production line layouts are optimized for totally dry or jelly-filled cable constructions. Fibers or fiber bundles can be inserted into the extrusion process longitudinally or helically, depending of the cable design. Nextrom has successfully developed solutions which help reduce helium consumption and also use larger preforms during the draw process. For preform glass making, OVD with D4 for large preforms is now available. It can be demonstrated in the preform lab, which includes all the process steps of VAD deposition, sintering and stretching, as well as OVD deposition and sintering. . Our team is looking forward to seeing you at their booth #319. www.rosendahlnextrom.com WIRE NEWS EVENTS September 2019 19