WIRE NEWS WN September 2019 - Page 12

New Die Drawing Measuring Instrument: DIAM 6 3D In an idyllic town near Frankfurt, Germany called Odenwald, KJM designs and produces measuring instruments for the ‘Wire and Cable Industry’. One of the latest products is the DIAM 6 measuring unit, which specializes in measuring the geometry of drawing and enameling dies such as the reduction angle, bearing length and other parameters. An especially unique quality of this new model is the 3D feature, which is generated by the measured data. The 360 zero recording of several contours enables a 3 dimensional (3D) visualization of the wire entry and exit area. This instrument can display and measure the whole reduction area and additionally render the data available as CAD-­‐Data to make further measurements in a CAD-­‐program. 2D image of 2 profiles The standard DIAM 6 locates the actual contour This provides a significantly more precise measuring points and intersections of the die surface. It works accuracy of the various contour points, and for the like a non-­‐contact coordinate measuring instrument. first time not only allows accurate measuring of the Whereas the new DIAM 6 determines the contour die, but also displays the actual die contour. points in both axes directly on the drawing area surface (2D). No additional calculations necessary! 3D image and corresponding results of the whole measurement 12 WIRE NEWS September 2019